Simple ways to help bring back yellow teeth

 Changes in the color of the teeth are often certain and gradually appear. With the aging of the teeth, the color of the upper lip becomes more yellow and the yellow membrane underneath it becomes more prominent.  If they begin to turn yellow in their youth,

 this may be due to the use of specific foods or beverages such as blueberries, coffee or tea, etc. Side effects of high sugar and simple carbohydrates, smoking, certain medicines and mouthwash,  Genes, injury to the mouth, excessive use of fluoride, poor dental care and lack of saliva combustion 

 The reasons for this include: However, if you want to get rid of this yellow color, here are some simple ways you can do this by making it your routine.

 Certainly the first thing to do is brush your teeth and  They should also be used properly, especially after foods or beverages that are likely to change the color of the teeth. Brush for at least 2 times a day for 2 to 3 minutes and cover each section.

  And using hydrogen preoxide paste can remove stains and bacteria from the teeth and get rid of stains.  Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with 2 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide and make a paste and brush it well.  A 2012 study discovered that the use of baking soda and pre-oxide-based toothpaste eliminates toothache and returns whitening.

 Coconut oil eliminates plaque and bacteria, leading to the return of toothache.  Helps  For this purpose, put one to two teaspoons of oil in the mouth for 10 to 30 minutes and refrain from swallowing, then spit and then rinse with water and drink a glass of water and then brush the teeth.

  There are no scientific research reports regarding its efficacy, but a 2015 study found that sesame oil and sunflower oil could reduce plaque swelling.  The use of oil helps in whitening of teeth as the agglutination of the teeth turns yellow. Apple vinegar can also be used for this purpose, mixing two teaspoons of apple vinegar in 6 ounces of water for 30 seconds  Soak it with water and then rinse with water and brush your teeth.  A 2014 study discovered that vinegar has a bleaching effect but can also damage the surface of the teeth so it should be used with caution and only a very small amount is beneficial.

 Some people claim that lemon  , Rubbing malt or nail scars on the teeth makes them white.  For this purpose rub the skin gently on the teeth for 2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly and then brush.  Scientifically, there is not much evidence that fruit peels are effective in this regard, however, a 2017 study examined citric acid extracts obtained from lemon peels for a purpose that proved somewhat effective. 

 The use of high water fruits and vegetables such as curry, watermelon or other keeps teeth healthy, the water in them protects teeth and gums from plaque and bacteria.  And yes, using them also increases the amount of saliva combustion in the mouth, which helps in extracting food particles that get trapped in the teeth. However, scientific evidence in this regard is not very solid, but there is no harm.

 You should take care of your mouth cleansing and get a dental check up done, if the above methods are not successful then the dentist can help you decide what action will be best for you.  Talk to the Taliban  Use your influence on them.  And we should have guessed the name “Asma Tariq” on the safe path.

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