What color of urine should the doctor consult?

 The color of the urine also explains a lot about the human personality, and in medical terms it is also called the eurochrome.


 Usually the color of the urine usually has a yellow color, ie when the amount of water in the body is appropriate.  The complexion is light yellow and almost transparent.


 If the body is dehydrated, it may be golden or light brown. Sometimes the color of the urine may also be the result of diet or medications.  Going down the drain changes the color of the urine. Sometimes the color of the urine can also be a sign of a disease that needs to be controlled.  Depending on your diet, medication and the amount of water that the color of the urine may have, however,

 most colors are not considered worrisome, but many times it is also a sign of anxiety.  Signs that you are drinking more than the amount of water you need daily, while hydration is good for health but drinking too much water can affect the electrolytes by disturbing the balance of salt, sometimes worrying about the color of the urine.  There is no need to be, however, as this color always appears, it is important to reduce the amount of water because the salt  Exfoliation can cause a chemical imbalance in the body.

What color of urine should the doctor consult

 The color of the urine may appear from a light yellow to a deep golden or amber color, it is natural that the amount of water in the fluid stimulates the movement.  Hemoglobin, which helps to transmit blood cells to the body, also affects the color of the urine, while excessive use of B vitamins can also make the complexion pale.  Eating blueberries or others may be the result, but many times the cause may be different. In some diseases, such as bladder bloating, bladder and kidney stones and kidney stones, if the urine is concerned about its color.  Consult your doctor if the urine has turned orange or orange, then it is a watery or dehydrator in the body. 

 Symptoms of yawning, if with this color of urine, the color of the waste has also become lighter, it may possibly be added to the blood during the bile (fluid in the leaf).  These colors can be the result of food coloring, in addition to the dies used for kidney or bladder medical tests, but many times as a result of bacterial infection, the urine is blue.  Can be green or purple, usually appearing in the urine and rarely is the result of eating something in the diet.  It is dark brown in color. If the urine is often indicated

 wishful thinking, but it can also be side effects of certain medicines.  Overcrowding can also be the result of eating a nutrient, while a chemical porphyria can also result in the accumulation of natural chemicals in the blood, making it appear dyed.  However, many times it is also a symptom of liver diseases. It can be a sign of inflammation in the urinary tract and can also be a result of kidney and other serious


What color of urine should the doctor consult

 diseases, sometimes it is also a sign of dehydration.  In this color, there are foam or bubbles appearing in the urine and you should consult the doctor if it appears. If the blood in the urine is clearly visible or if its color is light pink or dark red color immediately.  Consult a doctor, it can be a symptom of a serious disease and should be diagnosed sooner.

 The orange color may also be a sign of a serious disease in which kidney and bladder diseases are notable.  You should refer to a doctor if the urine is foamy, brown, blue or green and does not turn yellow again in a few days. 

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