Premature white hair is a symptom of what dangerous disease?

 It is common to have white hair during this period, and both men and women appear to be upset because white hair is considered a sign of old age. Experts point to premature white hair diseases. University of Cairo  The research conducted by the experts studied the relationship between white hair and heart disease risk in 545 men.  The results showed that the higher the white hair color, the higher the risk of heart disease.

 Experts have issued a warning to men that if they begin to have white hair in their hair, they should take a thorough checkup with their physician, as well as add a simple diet and walking routine to their life.  You may not be aware of the type of nutritional deficiency. It may be that you are not aware, but vitamin B12 is a very important vitamin in our body which helps to make red blood cells, build DNA and  Keeps the nervous system healthy.

 The white appearance of the hair may be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency. If white hair is often accompanied by severe headaches, loss of desire for food or feeling tired at all times, then it is vitamin B12 deficiency.  Deficiency can be the result. With normal hair the result of a gradual reduction of a protein called melanin from the roots of white hair.

 Well, after 30 years of age, the probability of getting hair white increases by 10 to 20% every decade while other reasons are notable hormones, use of different chemicals, environmental pollution etc. Not only vitamin B12 deficiency  Not only does it make the hair white but it also reduces their hair follicle. If the color of hair starts to change in the third decade of age then you should consult a doctor as B12 deficiency is very common all over the world.  Don’t pay attention.

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 Some of the symptoms of this vitamin deficiency have been listed above, while other symptoms are noteworthy, mental problems like mental fog, chronic pain are significant while the risk of Alzheimer’s disease is also increased.  , Vitamin D or vitamin E deficiency can also cause white hair.