Save these 5 fruits from food intake

 Do you see more hair in the shoulder than usual?  So you are not alone, in fact millions of people around the world are experiencing baldness as they age.
 Now it is the cause of any diabetes, vitamin deficiency, stress, lack of sleep or other diseases, but it must happen.
 Sure, who would love to move to baldness, but did you know that you can avoid the risk of baldness by making it a habit to eat more for a few moments?
 If you also have this problem, make it a habit to eat the following fruits, according to Dr. Bashar Buzrah of the UK’s Beyond Medical Center Clinic.

 Collagen is a protein that is very important to the body, which not only helps to grow new hair but also ensures their strength and health.  Usually, these proteins are made from specific amino acids in the body, which are present in products made from beef, chicken, fish, seeds, eggs and milk, but vitamin C is also needed for this protein to be formed.  The papaya contains high amounts of this vitamin, while the fruit also contains potassium which can also cause hair loss.

 Free radicals circulating in the body cause various diseases and premature aging by damaging the cells in the body, but they also affect the roots of the hair, especially in middle-aged people.  Is more.  The body needs antioxidants to fight these free radicals and is rich in pineapple vitamin C, vitamin B and other ingredients as well as antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic acids.  These antioxidants reduce the risk of hair loss from aging.


 Healthy hair requires the proper amount of moisture in the scalp, there are glands in the head that produce a natural oil that moisturizes the roots of the hair and helps it grow, if its production is affected.  If the hair starts to fall off too fast.  Peach helps deal with this problem because the vitamins A and C contained in it are excellent natural moisturizers.

 Fruits containing high levels of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and flavonoids oxidants such as beta-carotene, leptin and others, are also good for making collagen while fruits that have high vitamin C content.  Omega three fatty acids provide moisture to the hair.  The presence of other minerals such as zinc, magnesium and phosphorus in the fruit also improves blood circulation in the scalp, thereby strengthening the hair’s roots.


 Apples contain vitamins A, B and C and are all essential for healthy skull and dandruff prevention.  The antioxidants present in this fruit fight free radicals and help the cells regenerate.  The medical evidence in this regard is not very convincing, but there is no harm in eating an apple daily for those who want healthy hair.
 Note: This article is for general information only.  Readers should also consult your physician in this regard.