Amazing Causes of Breathless Breath

 Do you often experience bad breath?  There are a number of reasons and elements that can be had and some of your mistakes.
 In fact, breathlessness is an unpleasant experience that everyone experiences, such as eating onions or garlic, which causes it.
 But there are some nutrients and disorders that cause bad breath.

 Do not clean the tongue with teeth

 If the teeth are not brushed daily, the ingredients of the food are left in the mouth, causing an increase in the number of germs between the teeth, the gums and the tongue, which can cause a bad breath.  Likewise bacteria on the tongue are the main cause of the breath, clean your tongue daily with a toothbrush or tongue cleansing tool.

 High protein diets

 Yes, the use of protein-rich foods can also cause bad breath and if you consume more of such foods, it is not surprising to experience bad breath.  Bacteria in the mouth dissolve proteins, which removes an unpleasant odor.

 Dry mouth

 When your mouth is dry, it becomes salty, and when saliva is low, the nutrients and bacteria begin to stay inside the mouth for longer, causing breathing problems and  The solution to salvation is also simple and that is to drink more water.

 Soda or sparkling water

 Carbonate beverages such as soda or sparkling water have high acidity due to their increase in phosphoric acid, according to a study that these drinks increase the acidity in the mouth resulting in drying of the mouth, then bacteria and food particles.  Breathe in the breath.

 Caffeine contained in coffee can cause dry mouth, which leads to a decrease in saliva combustion and bacterial growth in the mouth, which in turn increases the risk of bad breath, if there is a problem with the breath in the breath.  Limit the use of hot drinks or at least drink water after drinking it.

 High blood sugar

 Eating too much sweet is harmful to teeth and results in blood sugar going upwards, while glucose levels in saliva combustion also increase, which increases the growth of bacteria and can lead to bad breath.  Especially in diabetics.

 Fruit Fruit

 Some truffle fruits also naturally increase the amount of bacteria in the mouth, these bacteria prefer sweetness and this sweetness turns into acid and increases the risk of various infections over time.


 A major cause of bad breath can also be tonsils, stones or stones.  This stool of the tonsils is usually made of garbage trapped in the glands, under normal conditions the tonsils are filled with bacteria, dead cells and other substances.  This trapped garbage can over time form white bins, which results in bad breath.  It is easy to treat just brushing and scrubbing teeth helps to remove this trapped trash.

 Nose problems

 Medical experts say breathing problems are also common in people who often suffer from diarrhea or infection.

 Gastric acidity

 In people who often experience gastric acidity or chest irritation, breathing problems are also common, leading to a return to an acidic and non-digestible diet.
 Vitamin C deficiency

 Vitamin C helps in the body to exclude substances that cause bad breath.  Researchers say that vitamin C produces an acidic and unhealthy environment that eliminates bacterial infections in the mouth.

 Dried fruit

 Dried apricots, potatoes or similar fruits have a lot of sugar and odor-producing bacteria, while these fruits are often clogged between the teeth, which also increases the chance of bad breath, so these fruits  After eating, you must interrupt and brush.


 The use of milk and other dairy products can also cause the smell of breath because the amino acids present in them produce sulfur gas from the bacteria in the mouth, which makes the breath odorless.