Why does an electric shock occur when the elbow finally collides?

 The question is, why is this part of the elbow so special and why is the shock so painful?

 By the way, know that this part of the elbow is called the femoral bone, which is basically the ulnar nerve (nerve), these are nerves that go from the neck to the hands where they strengthen many of the hands and elbows.

 And ends in the short finger of the hand in the form of 2 branches and the third finger of the hand. Black salt is more beneficial or common salt So why is it painful? During the length of the neck to the hands, the ulnar protects the greater part of the nerve, but not like any other nerve, bone, muscular or other in the body.

 But when these nerves pass through the elbow, they pass through a channel called the cubital tunnel, and here it protects only the skin and fat, which causes debilitating tremors. So when this funny bone collides with something, it actually hits the nerve bone and gets suppressed, resulting in a strong sense of pain, hearing and tingling that goes to those parts. These nerves are functioning, from the elbows to the fingers of the hands. 

 Things can be even worse When this part of the elbow collides with a place, it is felt that everyone knows it, but imagine that there is a constant tremor, as if someone is hitting his elbow somewhere at night.

 ؟ By the way, this may seem like a form of torture, but it is also a problem in the real world called cubital tunnel syndrome. This occurs when the ulnar is suppressed or shrunk during the travel of the elbow elbow, this is usually the result of using the attic as a forearm, causing a collision with the elbow. 

 There are feelings like, discomfort and tingling, but they have a long duration. Over time, the nerves become numb, which causes the elbow and arm to weaken, while the third and smallest finger position of the hand becomes as if you twisted it, also known as the ulnar knuckle. 

 ۔ It is usually treated by fixing and supporting the elbow position, hand therapy is also effective but in serious cases surgery is also needed, so that the nerve can be suppressed and pressed on. The amount is less.