Drinking watar

 That is, it is clear that water is very important to the human body, but that does not mean that you should start drinking large quantities of water in the morning, afternoon and night as it is not an effective way for your physical needs.

 This was revealed in a US medical study.
 Appalachian State University research suggests that if you are accustomed to drinking water within 2 hours, urine will increase while its complexion is also transparent, which means that water in the body is not good for health.
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 In fact, being transparent to the urine indicates excessive amounts of water in the body, which can lead to a few hazards, most importantly the lack of salts that can cause a chemical imbalance in the body.
 Research suggests that if empty stomach water is consumed in large quantities, that system slips into the digestive tract.
 The study also revealed that people who drink bottles of water between meals from one time to another, but do not eat anything, often exclude it in the form of urine, but in the meantime the toxins are in the body.

Does not exclude

 According to researchers, drinking too much water does not improve the body’s internal cleansing process, but can be harmful because it can eliminate excessive amounts of salt in the urinary tract, leading to a decrease in the level of salt in the body.  Balance arises that can sometimes be life-threatening, especially if the individual is athletic or addicted to exercise.
 He said that as far as the general population is concerned, they should drink some amount of water at the proper time to keep the body hydrated so that the kidney is not overloaded and there is more water in the body.
 Drinking water before or in the middle of a meal is also a good source of physical hydration, as amino acids, greens, vitamins or minerals from food make it beneficial to be part of the body with water.
 It’s not easy to start drinking less water, but it should not be too high a quantity that affects health or has to go to the toilet all the time.