Know the causes and symptoms of cerebral artery occlusion?


 Brain hemorrhage or brain hemorrhage is a disease that has a high likelihood of death. 

You may or may not know but there are 2 types of paralysis, in one case blood supply to brain tissues is stopped.  Or decreases which is called ischemic stroke while the other type is brain hemorrhage in which the cerebral artery burst.

 There are several types of intracranial hemorrhage, which involves bleeding inside the head while the other cerebral hemorrhage, which involves the brain.  There is bleeding within or around the subarachnoid hemorrhage, which creates a gap between the brain and the tissue covering the brain.

 Usually 13% of the stroke  The cases are Brian Hemorrhage and require immediate medical attention so that recovery can be taken care of, while keeping his risk factors under control can also help prevent him. Brian Hemmerg is also called intracerebral hemorrhage. 

 The symptoms may vary from person to patient, but there are some things that always show up with a stroke attack. The following are the possible symptoms: full or partial constipation, a sudden and severe headache.

  Feeling of weakness or numbness in the face, leg or arm in the seizures  There may be 2 possible causes of colorectal artery outbreaks, such as acne or aneurysm, which is due to hypertension or weakness of the arteries, due to high blood pressure or aneurysm.

 Like the inflamed part, the artery wall weakens and causes it to explode. The second cause is called AVM, during which the arteries and veins are abnormally interconnected, but they can be congenital.  Not hereditary and it is unclear why the risk increases in some people. 

Brain hemorrhage can be fatal because it  During the course of the cerebral artery burst, which damages the brain, and avoidance depends on how quickly the inflammation and bleeding within the skull is controlled, ie for some people the effects can be permanent.  While some may be completely cured. There are certain factors that increase the risk of brain hemorrhage, such as hypertension, and its risk of brain hemorrhage can be reduced by keeping it under control.  Avoidance is also necessary.

 Addicts and drug use also increase the risk.  Relief is important, doctors try to control the blood flow to the brain and reduce blood pressure.  Medications can also be used to slow blood pressure or flow, but when using blood thinners and exposure to Brian Hemorrhage, it increases the risk of excessive blood flow, but doctors say more about it.  Better suggestions can be made when Brian is able to save the patient after hemorrhage, depending on the severity of the seizure that he or she can be cured with medication or therapy, etc.  Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider has said.

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