Different ways to prevent stroke

 Paralysis is a very dangerous disease that not only paralyzes any part of the body but can also cause death.  Paralysis occurs when a blood vessel is obstructed.  If the brain stops bleeding or becomes obstructed, the cells of the brain begin to die, which can lead to stroke and death.
 Stroke can occur not just in old age but in any age person.  Increased blood pressure increases the risk of the disease.  The sooner the cure for paralysis, the less likely it is to have its losses.
 Symptoms of stroke include severe headaches, dizziness, changes in vision or blurring, difficulty speaking, numbness in the body, and sudden jolting or neck pain while on the go.
 Some changes in your lifestyle can reduce the risk of stroke.



 Balanced diet

 A balanced diet lowers cholesterol levels in the body, including fruits, vegetables, fish, fat-free meat and commodities.  Which makes the arteries less likely to accumulate.  Due to which not only stroke but also diabetes and high blood pressure can be avoided.
 The use of apples
 According to research, using an apple daily where it protects you from various diseases also reduces the risk of stroke by 50%.  Apples are rich in fiber and anti-inflammatory antioxidants.
 The use of tomatoes
 Using tomatoes also protects you from paralysis.  According to the research, an antioxidant called lycosepan is found in tomatoes which reduces the risk of stroke by 55%.

 The use of salt

 Experts have advised to use half a teaspoon of salt daily, but using more than that amount can be harmful because high blood pressure causes blood to rise, leading to paralysis.
 So minimize salt consumption in your diet to prevent high blood pressure and stroke.
 Exercise is also the best way to stay safe and healthy from stroke.  Medical experts say that strenuous exercise or walking about 2km daily reduces the risk of silent stroke.
 Increase and decrease in cholesterol is extremely harmful to the human body, which increases the chances of material accumulation in the arteries, which in turn causes blood clotting which can lead to paralysis.


 Experts say the use of chocolate also removes the risk of stroke because chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which helps prevent blood vessels from developing and become blood clotted.
 Mental pressure
 The risk of stroke is highest in people suffering from depression or depression, and as a result the risk of death is up to 55%.  According to experts, depression suffers from smoking and ignore their diet and physical activity, which increases the risk of stroke.