Follow these habits to make the hair healthy and beautiful

 Hair is an important ingredient in women’s beauty, which is extremely important to take care of and try to keep it attractive but hair can be made more beautiful by adopting these habits.  Women say that the day when their hair looks and looks bad, their self-esteem decreases drastically.

 On the day when hair looks beautiful and good, self-esteem also increases.  How to make them look beautiful, beautiful and attractive? All women must face these issues at some point in life.  However, to get rid of all these problems, including hair loss, blockage, weak and thin hair, if you add the following habits to your daily schedule, your hair will soon become green.

  1.  Hair Care Before Bathing: Stretching hair before bathing strengthens the hair because combining with wet hair is more prone to breakage of hair.  Also gets better.  Conditioner: Many women use hair conditioner, but they do not know what is the correct way to use conditioner? First, apply the conditioner in the palm and apply it in the middle of the hair. 

 Take the conditioner to the end and apply it under the hair, then apply the conditioner to the roots of the hair as the hair roots also need it, keep the conditioner in the hair for at least 1 minute. 

 Do not wash hair with warm water: Washing hair with semi-warm water does not cause harm to the hair; however, when the hair is washed with warm hot water, it becomes weak and restrained and also lose its shine.

  Protect hair from direct sunlight: If you think that dangerous rays of the sun, such as ‘UV rays’, can only cause harm to human skin, then it is wrong, sun rays directly on the hair.

 Hair is severely affected by the fall and it also loses its natural color, so be sure to cover the hair with a scarf or scarf when exiting the house. 

 Pillow cloth: One of the major causes of hair loss is that your upper mattress sleeps on the pillow, with the upper layer of hair being called ‘cautious’, causing it to become damaged.  If possible, the cushion of the pillow cloth is silk, so the hair follicles stay fine.