Despite the presence of diagnostic tools, the pulse method is still valid today.  Photo: file
There are many different treatments available in Pakistan.  Each treatment has different diagnostic parameters.  The main sources of diagnosis in medicine are pulse intervals. Although there are other sources of diagnosis, they are secondary.  Akbarian art talks about pulse are worth considering.

Begat’s view is that “the pulse is a silent proclamation and speaks inwardly to the situation but it is dumb for those who do not have access to it.”  “The pulse puts the complications of the disease in front of the physician,” says Jallinos.  The secret is to say, “The pulse is a device that learns all the conditions of the body and describes the state of all the organs of the body.  Plato says “the pulse is a never-ending messenger”.
Different people’s pulse is different.  We only know the pulse thickness, thinness, cheapness, fastness, softness, height and flexibility, tightness and tension.  These different forms are the language of the pulse.  For example, a patient whose pulse is stiff, high, ie fingers will touch as soon as he holds his hand, speed will increase, if he tries to suppress it, he will lift the fingers upwards.  Such a pulse will express the dominance of drought in the body.  The best way to discover temperament is through pulse and guilt.

Among the founders of the pulse are great personalities such as Sheikh Alaris Bouuli Sena, Zakariya and Razi.  Humanity cannot forget their services till the Day of Resurrection.  On his inquiry, the upper chamber of allopathy and surgery appears to be standing today.  It is a fact that the Islamic mother of medicine and all other methods of treatment are her offspring. Many devices have been invented to diagnose diseases in the history but continue to be obsolete.
The pulse diagnosis process is similarly alive and popular today.  If the source of the diagnosis through the pulse was poor, then when would it have been so impaired?  It is quite common that things get tough, dry, and shrunk and accelerated.  The pulse tells us that the patient has a dreaded illness, what changes in the blood from the dough, the blood becomes thicker, the acidity increases.  Arteries tighten.

Chest irritation and pain begins.  The body lacks oxygen, which is the heart attack.  It is accompanied by dryness in the mood. There is severe pain in the joints.  Similarly, the parameters of the pulse and heat pulse and the moisture and mucus secretion parameters are specific, which are the quickest, most effective and best means of diagnosing the disease.  In our science the cure for drought is to generate heat.  Now when we recommend warm treatment and treatment to a dry patient, all the painful diseases and symptoms from the head to the foot will be relieved.  The heat will thicken the bloodstream.  The narrow arteries will begin to expand.
Otherwise it may be that the patient is coming to the doctor, he has a fever, it is cold, headache, dizziness, he has a cold, he is suffering from flu, vomiting is frequent.  Diarrhea suffers from diarrhea, anxiety is vomiting, all these symptoms are expressed in the body, abscesses, nerves, and inflammation.  The pulse in it will be broad, soft, suppressed, short in length, pressed down, thick in existence, in this case cloves, cinnamon, and ascites to eliminate inflammation and nerve inflammation.  Will give you
Cloves will add sugar, no cold, headache will go away, fever will go away, vomiting will stop, diarrhea will stop, cholera will not go away, ie one will  Painful symptoms from head to toe will be stopped. A friend of mine used to visit Dr. Harjama.  Do not come one day, three days later.  I asked why he did not come. He said: A dear child of ours is in diarrhea, has been in treatment for five days.  Not having diarrhea.  I gave the doctor three steps.

They stopped a diarrhea while diarrhea.  Bring the baby home and feed the rest. Twenty-five years ago, Dr Javed Iqbal, a cardiologist, had a stomach ache.  Doctors performed all tests that were normal.  All the doctors of the stomach tried together but the abdominal pain did not stop.  They asked an elder to pray.  He said, ‘Bring it in the morning, bring along the karora, show our ruler.
The doctor brought him to me in the morning.  I saw a karora with a caption dominating, indicating a diminished white matter.  Saw the pulse and started making medicines.  The doctor asked what did you diagnose?  I said: There is a slight compression in the gastrointestinal muscular tissues, so there is pain due to obstruction in the blood. His son stopped his pain until evening.
It was a few years ago that a 20-year-old girl became unconscious, her whole body was shaken.  Fifteen days she was kept at DHQ Hospital Faisalabad, tests were normal.  The doctors don’t know what to do.  Fifteen days later I was discharged from the hospital saying that we could not find any reason.  The girl was still suffering from food cravings, and doctors instructed her to provide food.  A physician told me about this baby. I observed the patient’s pulse closely.  I told her that the girl had a sudden hysteria attack or suffered a trauma that reduced the blood supply to the brain.  The brain is no longer receiving blood customization.
I gave her a stimulating brain and told her to abstain, abstain and send.  Ten days passed, the baby came to consciousness.  In the next fifteen days, his arms, legs and body began to move. Then two months later, he came to my notice.  Defining a pulse diagnosis does not mean that I am rejecting laboratory tests at all. I tell most patients to have a customized laboratory test, especially the salmon test, their hormone test, etc. in women’s infertility.  Medicine is a treasure trove of knowledge, pedagogy and therapeutics.  Allopathy also has some qualities that make it live.  Therefore, it is not correct to criticize treatment in any way.
The source of the diagnosis from Quora in medicine still remains unknown.  Imam Bukhari became ill, and his conviction was brought to the physician.  The physician, after seeing the quorum, was surprised to discover that the patient who had the disease had not eaten in years.  When Imam Bukhari was told, he testified.  Water.  There is no mention of years in this hadeeth.  After knowing this hadeeth I did not eat years. “
Water, heat and ho are the spirits of life and growth.  Heat, water and air also depend on the health of plants, animals and humans.  They are moderately healthy and very deficient.  The mood is determined by the pulse.  The name of the body’s worsening of the season is the disease.  The season of the human body has a deep connection to human health.  We know the body’s weather through the pulse and normalize the body’s season with edema, thus the body is corrected.  Algebraic pulse can be a great way to help a physician diagnose a disease by describing the dynamics of the heart, body temperature and mood.