There are two types of peaches.


One flattened and the other long round conical shape.  Its color is slightly greenish-green, while the lions and lions are colder and more subdued.

The dose is up to seven grains.  It has the following advantages:
Peach ingredients include carbohydrates, protein, vitamin A and C, calcium, steel and phosphorus.
Is abdominal and liver.
Reduces blood pressure.
Relieves thirst.
Useful in diabetes
Peach is useful in fever.
Her gout is useful in hemorrhoids, ear pain and deafness.  In the case of ear pain, only two drops are sufficient for the pigment.

It relieves rubbing of leaves, scrubbing and nourishing the stomach to remove bugs.
Peach juice is found on the teeth and strengthens teeth.
The use of peaches to cure heat fever.
Peach is very useful in the early disease of hernia.  Hernia can stop there by mixing two towels of peach leaves with water and mixing two towels of honey three times a day.
Eliminates odor of mouth.
Peaches are purulent blood, abdominal glands, malignant liver and abdominal conditions.
Peach mattress sauce is also made which is extremely delicious.
Rubbing peach leaves and a pinch of pepper can also relieve old fever from drinking.
Peaches are especially useful for those who are warm and mushy.
Peach leaves are useful in getting rid of this torment by rubbing three towels and two and a half towels on a person whom the snake bites on the moon or throughout the year.
Eliminates the heat of the brain.  This requires caution.  Fruits should always be cooked and fresh.  This can be harmful for those who are cold.
Sometimes it is prone to paralysis, nausea, tingling and nerve weakness so use it with caution.