These simple foods can damage your kidneys

Kidneys are like anonymous heroes in our body that excrete waste and excess material while also controlling salt, potassium and acid levels, which keeps blood pressure normal, increasing the amount of vitamin D in the body.  And the red blood cells also stay on a balanced level.

But kidney diseases can be quite traumatic and even fatal.
But did you know that certain foods can also cause kidney problems especially when not careful in their use?
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Meat is essential to meet the protein requirements in the body, but it is also true that excessive use, especially red meat, can harm the kidneys.  According to a study by the Duke NUS Graduate Medical School in Singapore, high-fat protein-rich diets can affect kidney function, which is why high protein intake can be difficult for kidneys over time.  Can cause problems with


The body needs salt to maintain the balance of the body fluids, but when you make a habit of eating junk or fast food in which salt intake is high, the kidney moves to maintain the amount of water in the body.  I come in, which in turn increases the burden on the kidneys.  According to a study by the Howard School of Public Health, excessive consumption of salt on a long-term basis causes damage to the heart as well as the kidneys, as well as salt increases blood pressure that can damage nephrons in the kidney.  That filters the garbage.


If you are suspected of kidney diseases, good nutrition and a proper diet are essential for staying healthy, and this also means that certain nutrients, such as nails, should be restricted, as they are high in potassium content.  , Which can cause damage to kidney function.  It doesn’t matter to healthy people, but kidney diseases require less amount of potassium to make them part of the body.

 Soda or cold drinks

Cold drinks like soda and energy drinks can cause kidney stones, according to a study that uses two or more cold drinks daily increases the risk of kidney disease on a long-term basis.

 Milk products

These products should also be used with caution as they also contain high amounts of animal protein, so moderate use is essential.  According to one study, these products contain high amounts of phosphorus, which can lead to increased pressure on the kidneys. When the kidneys are not fully functioning, it is difficult for them to remove excess phosphorus, which causes the bones to thin and  Can be weak.

 Malta and its juice

This fruit and its juices are low in calories while rich in vitamin C, but they are high in potassium and it has been stated above that excess potassium can cause kidney problems.  But stay within range, especially if you are already suffering from kidney diseases.

 Note: This article is for general information only.  Readers should also consult their physician in this regard.