Do your knees tickle when you get up from the sidewalk or ascend the stairs?  These sounds sometimes come because of ankle joints or because the knee joints are not in the right place.

Learn why for the following reasons
Unnecessary muscle mass around the knee
If your knee has ever been hurt and has not been properly treated, it can cause unnecessary muscle cramps around your knee.  It is tangled up with parts of the knots that cause ‘ticking’ sounds to make some movement.
Defeat Manx and Shock Ebbers

The meniscus is the mattress that lies between the bones and the nodes.  If it is damaged and unable to heal, then the knee balance becomes damaged and it can break your knee.  As a result, the ticking sounds.
Burst of ACL and MCL
In both cases, tickling sounds from the knees and this condition may cause pain, stiffness and numbness in your knees.
Arthritis in the legs can cause inflammation and itching, which can lead to tickling in the form of movement.