How to care skin and alwese loking yang

It is probably the desire of every man and woman to stay young, happy and refreshed. Old age is inevitable, many people are afraid of it.

How to care skin and alwese loking yang

Not only women but also many men on the arrival of old age.  Women get depressed because they do not want to see the effects of old age on their hair and on their face. Many women spend a lot of money hiding white hair, facial skin, so many men use hair color as well.  At an early age, adolescents appear to be refusing the advent of old age.

Old age cannot be prevented, but aging can be avoided for a long time by adopting the right lifestyle, continuing exercise, controlling the urge to eat, eating, and taking the right diet.

There is an age when health and beauty concerns start to rise. There are some foods that can help prevent the effects of aging on skin and other organs.
Not only does the right diet not only control the weight and control the body’s immune system, but it also protects against wrinkles, hair follicles and other signs of aging.

 watermelon care skine

In summer, thirsty fruit is filled with a component called lycopene. The whole ingredient filled with antioxidants gives watermelon and tomato red color and protects the skin from sun rays.
According to one study, booze contains forty percent more plant chemicals than tomatoes, which, like sunscreen, helps the skin to shine brighter.


These fruit seeds contain high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C and are useful in protecting the face from wrinkles, itching and other disorders. According to one study, the use of vitamin C reduces the chance of dry skin and wrinkles in middle age.
The anthocyanins present in the pomegranate are attractive to the skin while the acidic acid prevents damage from the sun’s rays.


This fruit is useful in enhancing the facial complexion. The vitamins C and E in this fruit make the skin soft. The other ingredients in it also work to improve the color of the skin.

 Green leafy vegetables

From spinach to sauces, these vegetables are full of carotene. Carotene protects skin cells as well as retains moisture in them. It is also useful in preventing skin damage.  These vegetables are also considered important for control.


Mushroom contains a mineral selenium that protects the skin from sun damage.
According to one study, the use of mushrooms balances copper or copper levels in the body, resulting in no white skin in the hair.


Protein deficiency can weaken finger nails. Use of eggs for protection is useful because the complexes are rich in vitamins. They do not allow protein to be deficient in the body.
Proteins contained in eggs reduce blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, this dried fruit helps to keep moisture in the hair, while the walnut also contains a considerable amount of copper which helps to retain the natural color of the skin and hair.  Reduction can make the hair white earlier.


Mangoes are full of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene gives the skin the ability to repair itself and also prevents wrinkles on the face. Use of this delicious fruit is also useful for keeping skin moisturized. Vitamin A protects cells.  It protects them from dehydration.

Melons also contain beta-carotene and vitamin A, which not only controls the growth of the cells of the head, but also enhances the brightness of the upper layers of the skin.

 Olive Oil

Olive oil is helpful in preventing many ailments that come with age. Use of it reduces blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents metabolic syndrome, namely diabetes and blood vessels.  Protects against diseases – Olive oil is also effective against cancer.
Olive oil is also beneficial for keeping the skin youthful.


According to a recent medical study, the use of certain amounts of nuts such as peanuts or walnuts daily can help to prolong life. According to regular use of nuts, the risk of diabetes and cancer to the body can be greatly reduced.  Decreases.

 Cayenne pepper

Peppermint is rich in vitamin C. The other ingredients in it resist the harmful health ingredients in the body, which reduces the speed of physical degeneration caused by aging.
Honey is naturally bactericidal. It contains antioxidants and many other ingredients, honey is considered to be very beneficial for the skin. The honey can be consumed, used as a face mask or in the raw state.  Alternatively, it cures nail acne while reducing facial edema while also providing moisture to dry skin.