stiffness is a common problem that affects the toes, thighs, and thighs, during which sudden pain in a toe file is felt.

Usually this happens when someone is asleep or resting, which disappears after a few seconds but on average it lasts for 9 minutes while the effect on the file can be felt after 24 hours.  Is.
The cause of most leg pain is not known and is considered harmless, but many times it can also be caused by a latent disease such as diabetes.
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Usually, the victim is middle-aged or older and pregnant women are more likely to be at any age.
Factors that can cause this include possibly dehydration in the body, certain medications, use of alcohol, etc.


As noted above, in most cases the cause is unclear and it is thought that the fatigue and neurological dysfunction of the file are the result, but in fact, why it is, it is invalid.
It is pointed out that the shrinkage of the gold style, leg shampoo and shank filings can lead to this constriction at night, while another view is that it is not used today due to dieting or laxatives.  , Since this position expands or stretches the shank files.
Exercise is also a factor and prolonged stress or use of a file can lead to this constriction; water deficiency may also be important in the body, but the evidence in this regard is not very concrete.

In addition, many times this problem is caused by a disease such as cholera, flat feet, excessive use of alcohol, gastric bypass surgery, thyroid diseases, kidney failure, diabetes type two, cancer treatment, muscular fatigue, vein diseases,  Parkinson’s disease can be the result of an attack and the use of certain drugs.

 Treatment method

No medication is recommended for this type of pain; if very severe acne begins to feel soft in the file, a general painkiller can possibly help.
Gently scratching the fillets, hand massaging on the affected part, massaging the leg using a foam roller, spreading the leg and compressing also helps to spread the filings, applying a hot object to the affected part.
There is limited evidence that scratching exercise, calcium, and vitamin B12 can be potentially helpful, while pregnant women can use multi-vitamins.

 How to avoid

Some measures can help to prevent this, such as supporting under the toes while sleeping or sleeping on a pillow, using appropriate fitting shoes, doing physical activities such as walking, and adequate amount of water.  Drinking, etc.