Today’s fast paced life and new problems have taken away our smiles, experts say laughing, smiling and being happy are related to our good health and they have a positive impact on our physical and mental health.  ۔

Today is the first Friday of the month when the World Smile Day is being celebrated all over the world. It is important to exchange smiles with each other, but it is also important to know the benefits of this smile so that you can smile even when you do not want to.  ۔

Experts say that smiling is just as important to our health as exercise, eating a healthy diet, or walking.
It takes one person to another.  Even if you smile alone, the person next to you will surely smile at you.
Smiling reduces your stress and anxiety.
A smile will enhance the attractiveness of your face.
A smile enhances your immune system.
A smile can leave you feeling overwhelmed or dry and people will feel comfortable talking to you.

Smiles make people feel more trustworthy and feel closer to them unconsciously.

According to one study, if you put a false smile on your face and laugh a good deal of laughter, your mind will be deceived that you are happy.
Then it will naturally reduce your stress and anxiety and produce hormones that help keep you happy.
With a smile all the muscles of your face move.  You may have noticed that some people’s faces are quite spotty and have no effect.  The reason for this is that the muscles in their face become stiff due to non-movement.
The easiest way to get rid of this is to make it a habit to smile so that your muscles are in motion and your face does not look dull or neutral.
A smile also relaxes facial muscles.  On the contrary, the theory of irritability or anger makes the face uncomfortable and feel hurt.
Then name this day smiles, smile at yourself and force others to smile with your smile.