Few people understand what to do if something gets stuck in one’s throat while eating something.

But what to do when suddenly there is an outbreak and there is no one around to help?
Usually, it is trapped in the esophagus or part of the diet and if the airway clears, it does not affect the breath but can cough, may experience severe pain and dizziness in the chest.
This problem is most common in children and people over the age of 74, during which they are unable to speak, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, coughing, first turning red, then turning yellow or blue.  Symptoms such as coughing may appear.
It is also life-threatening and you should seek medical attention immediately if such symptoms appear, however, you can help yourself or your loved ones to some extent at home.

 The Coca-Cola Truck

Research reports suggest that drinking a coke or any carbonated beverage can help drain the esophagus if it is trapped.  Although doctors often use this common technique, it is unclear how this works, but doctors believe that carbon dioxide in soda helps in this regard, it is also believed that soda  Going into the stomach increases the amount of gas emitted which removes the trapped food from its place.  If you are suspected of trapping a swab, try some cans of soda immediately.


Medications that are used to treat gas discomfort can also be helpful in removing nutrients trapped in the esophagus, just like soda does in gastric gas,  Pressure can help remove the swelling.


Drinking water can also be helpful if the stool is stuck, usually saliva provides moisture that helps the food pass through the esophagus easily, drinking water increases the amount of saliva combustion.  I can increase the humidity and facilitate its passage.

 Another nala

By the way, the idea of ​​swallowing something else may seem painful, but sometimes one piece may need another to shake it, so a piece of bread or bread soaked in water or milk will soften and then open the skins.  ۔  Another effective way can be a banana slice, which is naturally a soft diet.

 Baking Soda

Mix and drink baking soda in water, it can also help to remove the trapped soda.


Sometimes the esophagus needs more libation, so eating a tablespoon of butter can be helpful.  It helps increase moisture in the lining of the esophagus and makes it easier to gut the trapped food.


The nutrients trapped in the throat often reach the gastrointestinal tract, take some time and give the body a chance to do its job.

 Get help from a doctor

If unable to swallow saliva and feel discomfort, consult your doctor as soon as possible.  If the nausea is still uncomfortable but still stuck, consult your doctor 24 hours before it can suggest any effective treatment or procedure.  Some doctors even recommend to seek medical attention after 6 to 12 hours and resolve the patient with endoscopy.