Easy prescription for gold in just a minute



We all know that calm sleep is essential to a healthy life, so a person should take 7-8 hours of sleep daily to stay refreshed.
Sleep deprivation and sleep deprivation is a disease known as ‘insomnia’ that many people suffer from, due to complete lack of sleep, people also suffer from irritability while many people suffer from sleep apnea.  Pills that become addicted to this medicine and they do not sleep without medication.
If you are also suffering from sleep deprivation and have tried all the methods of sleep deprivation and to no avail, then we suggest the best solution for calm sleep which you can do in less than a minute.  Get comfortable sleep in time.
Experts say if you do not get any sleep immediately after lying in bed, try this method too.

 Less than a minute to practice sleep:

1. This is a natural tip called (8-7-4) method, first of all you need to lie down in bed.
2. After breathing, take your breath for 4 seconds with your nose.
3. Keep breathing in for 7 seconds after inhaling.
4. Then exhale slowly for 8 or more seconds.
By repeating this process by lying on the bed, you will fall asleep within a minute.
Dr. Andrew Wale, a medical student at Harvard University, says he has long been accustomed to this habit and used to practice it.
He said that by doing this exercise, the human mind is completely relaxed, which makes it very easy to sleep.