You may be experiencing difficult situations in life nowadays.  I am very sad because of a failure, accident, surrounding environment or past remorse.


You don’t seem to mind.  If you feel forced to smile somewhere, then you can cry quickly.  There is sadness inside the mind and awkwardness outside.  Above all, if your interest in living is going away, then my blog is for you.
Let’s see how one can come out of this kind of mental state.  So if you read and understand only the following five things, it will be worth your effort.  Believe me this is not just a book, but a lot of people, including myself.

 1.  Think of yourself as a normal human being

First of all, remember that you are not alone in feeling all this.  Many people around you suffer from similar mental illnesses.  It only matters to express yourself with words and expressions.  Where most people meet in the low tide of highs, there will be war on their own, but those with high spirits will also be seen moving forward.  Determine which group you are in.  But whatever the case, remember that this is not a natural thing to do.  All these things are for us humans.  If there were robots, there was more.

 2.  Try to be in the present moment

What are you doing now  Not reading this blog.  So why are you losing focus here?  Put all your focus and thoughts into every word of this blog.  The same goes for the conscious that you are reading all this to improve your life.  So sir, doing all his work is to try to make sure that the mind does not go to the past nor to think of tomorrow.  We have to surround our thoughts in the present moment.  It’s not that easy, but not so difficult.  Just need practice.  If you start to keep your mind present only at the time of prayer and recitation, then this habit will come in handy over everything else.

 3.  Keep more serious away from yourself

Excessive seriousness in life also enjoys living.  There is a seriousness of time in any problem, but it is not okay to be persistent.  Therefore, trying to smile and be happy is the best tactic.  If this is not done, time passes, problems are resolved but this seriousness does not go away face to face.  So never forget to smile.  Spend time with children, chat with friends.  In any case, be thankful for your self-control.

 4.  Don’t worry about what’s not in your control

A person strives to achieve his goal, yet fails somewhere or falls victim to a sudden accident.  But what to do is that this is life.  We cannot have full control over everything and work.  Then the world has been called the place of examination.  Think of what exists or what is left.  Thanks for winning and try again.  If the breath is left, then all is left.  Amjad is remembering the beautiful words of Islam Amjad. “Where to stay, the way, where was the turn, forget it.  Remember what he found, forget what he did not find. ”

 5.  Take part in playing a game

It is our major drawback that we have restricted the game to childhood or early adolescence.  After engaging in employment, people are left to watch sports only.  And we need to change that habit.  No matter what age you are, don’t stop yourself from playing games.  To date, I have never found a sports person busy with life.  The first reason for this is to keep the body moving.  Which refreshes the mind and the other major reason for competition in sports.  And the same goes for tackling the challenges of ordinary life.
Here are five things that you can do to make your heart rejoice.  Apart from this, getting involved in a good hobby, changing daily affairs, entertaining, watching good books and movies, etc., goes along with it.  Let’s start living now, instead of living our lives now, with the beginning of a good smile.