Knowing the most bitter vegetable curry, there are numerous medical benefits that, of course, even those who do not like eating curry will start using it.
Nutritionally, kriels contain vitamin A, D, C and B6 as well as protein and potassium, while calories and cholesterol are zero, kriels can be used in many ways, as well.  Vegetables can be cooked, added to soups and salads, as well as squeezed into juice, which plays a role in weight loss and diabetes for patients with diabetes.

Strengthens the immune system
The use of crawls is also helpful in boosting the immune system, it can be boiled in water which protects against various seasonal diseases as well as infection and allergies.  It is also an excellent antioxidant, which in turn eliminates the harmful ingredients in the body.

Protect against lung diseases
On a daily basis, if you eat boiled crabs, eat cashew nuts or eat crushed crabs, many lung diseases can be avoided, including colds, asthma, cough, respiratory tract infections and seasonal illnesses.  included.

 Get rid of nail acne

The bitter juices of the bitterness help to clear the blood, which also contains acne, nail acne, blood infection, rash and other skin diseases.
Useful for diabetes patients

Currents contain phytoeutrin and polypeptide enzymes, which promote insulin in the blood, helping to maintain blood sugar levels.
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Kreals also contain an enzyme called hypoglycemic agent that balances diabetes level in diabetes type 2.

 Weight loss source

Due to the anti-oxidant ingredient found in curry, using its juice also eliminates fat from the body, including excessive substances, and daily use reduces weight gain.
The sight is sharp
The presence of beta-carotene in curls protects the eyes from infection and accelerates vision.

 Vegetable constipation

For people who are worried about digestive problems or have constipation, crawls provide excellent help in getting rid of the disease; fiber found in krials increases digestive system and metabolism.  Which relieves constipation.

 Makes the heart healthy

Daily use of kriels reduces cholesterol levels, resulting in a healthy blood flow.
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Various enzymes are found in kriel, which removes the fat and harmful ingredients that disrupt the arteries, leaving the blood clean and heart healthy.