A great benefit of potato filling

Potato is one of the most popular vegetables in the world.

A great benefit of potato filling

Potatoes range from French fries to chips and are also commonly cooked in almost every country in the world.
However, potatoes are thought to play an important role in weight gain and there is some degree of accuracy in that view.
But potatoes have many benefits as well, as they contain high levels of carbohydrates that help improve blood pressure, improve sleep, relieve weakness, improve skin and mental health.
But now another benefit of potatoes has come out which will surely stun many people.
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Yes, a recent study has found that potato filling helps improve running ability.
According to a report published in the science journal ‘Applied Psychology’, a study by US experts has shown that potato fats improve running ability.
According to the report, US university experts conducted a few years of research on short ‘cyclist’ volunteers, the results of which were recently released.
During the research, experts divided the 12 cyclists under the age of 31 into three different groups, giving them different diets and cycling up to 267km weekly.

Experts gave one group only plain water, while the other group gave potato fats and the third group a carbohydrate-based dose, and other tests, including blood tests of all volunteers, were performed.
Volunteers were asked to participate in the race 24 hours before cycling and were given various blood tests at different times.
Volunteers who consumed potato and consumed carbohydrates improved their ability to run, experts said.
Experts say that the difference between expensive foods containing carbohydrates, juices and drinks and only potato filling, provides the same energy for both diets.
Experts suggest that athletes should normalize the potato filling diet.