Recent research has shown that the treatment of epilepsy is possible with the intoxicating herb cannabis (cannabis).

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), epilepsy is a curable disease, which is actually a mental illness, and there are more than 5 million people worldwide.
Epilepsy is treated in a variety of ways; indigenous methods are also adopted to control the disease in remote and slightly backward areas.
However, recent research by American neurologists suggests that epilepsy can be treated with a drug called cannabis.
According to the report, according to the American Academy of Neurology (AAN), cannabis leaves are helpful for epilepsy, the drug produced from its leaves reduces the seizures.
Researchers tested 225 epilepsy patients, with patients aged around 16 years.
Patients were divided into 2 different groups, one group was given a drug containing 20 grams of cannabis daily, while the other group was given the same dose 10 grams daily.

The results showed that patients who were given 20 grams of addictive doses daily decreased epileptic seizures by 42%, while visits in the other group also decreased by 37%.
According to neuroscientists, this experiment was performed on patients who received 85% of epileptic seizures on a monthly basis, and experience has shown that cannabis-supplied drugs help with epilepsy.
Be aware that epilepsy is a disease in which the patient has anesthesia seizures; the disease is either hereditary or can occur after an event.
It is a mental illness, after the anesthesia, the patient’s memory goes away for several minutes, but she starts to come back slowly.
The epileptic patient does not know when he is going to have an anesthetic, thousands of people in Pakistan are also suffering from the disease.
The epilepsy disease is mostly early in life and as the age progresses, the disease can be eradicated with good diet, proper treatment and good thinking, however some patients continue to have the disease.