There are many names for half headache. In Arabic it is called migraine. In this disease, the head is divided into two parts. The head is healthy and half has severe pain, hence its name is migraine.  Divided into two halves or two halves. Generally speaking, it is called half a sore pain.

In Latin it is called HEMICRANIA half of the meaning of hemi and the name of the cranium as skull. In English it is known as migraine (MIGRAINE).
In all types of headache it is a very severe pain, which arises in half the head and sometimes encompasses the whole head. Usually it starts in the form of seizures and after the seizure the patient finds himself completely healthy.  Feels
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In some people, it starts before sunrise and gradually increases with the day, and as the sun goes down, the intensity of pain decreases. Some people also have nausea with pain and occasionally vomiting.  It also happens. After it is done, the pain subsides or diminishes. Apart from this, blindness to the eyes and lack of sight are also symptoms.

Since it is a very severe pain and its symptoms are very obvious, it is not difficult to diagnose it and the patients themselves become aware of their disease and its onset.
In the UK, the statistics of patients suffering from the disease are estimated to be one in ten million people infected with migraine. Thus, about five million people are affected and half of them are in the working class.
Now if the motomota was calculated that not every patient worked due to this inconvenience one day a year, then 2.5 million days of work was lost due to the disease.
This may not be said in full terms, but it has been seen that people with more mental functioning are more likely to be the target of this distress. Other than those whose status they have, it is difficult.
One of the areas where women outnumber men, is migraine.
According to a survey, if four people suffer from the disease, then they will have one male and three women. The main cause of this is the birth of specialized hormones during the day, which is why these visits to the pain are usually higher.  Those who do not come properly or have a high prevalence. Babies also suffer from periods of pain during breastfeeding. Some women get rid of migraine or the severity of postpartum or postpartum pain.  Is.

In adolescents, boys are more affected than girls, but after puberty the number of girls increases, which becomes significant after the age of 20.
If the disease is evaluated according to age, it has also been found in children under two years of age and its age is fifty years old. It has not been seen since the age of fifty and if such symptoms are detected.  They are also caused by another disease.
Since hormone births do not change after the age of forty-five, the disease may also be gone.
Common causes of its birth include anemia, general physical weakness, nausea, indigestion, chronic constipation, mental sensitivity (allergy) or fatigue, and sharp glowing and brightening eyes.  Some diseases can also result in migraine.
For example, there are many families in which one or more people suffer from this disease or their parents, such as diabetes, poor vision and poor treatment of nasal congestion, which can prevent mucus from drying out, etc.  Or even the elderly of the family suffer from this disease and they transmit the disease to their children.
The onset of pain begins differently in different people.
As noted above, the diet begins with discomfort, prolonged appetite, waking up, overwork or mental stress. One or more causes may be present in the same patient.
If a diary lists its twenty-four-hour engagements, it is not difficult to predict which visits are common and cause the disease every time you visit.

In some people more than one thing causes pain and it is difficult to predict which one to avoid, but most start with physical exhaustion or emotional stress.  Symptoms that usually appear before the onset include weakness, lethargy, heavy headaches and sparks appearing before the eyes.
These are the earliest symptoms of it. Then the veins of the skull and forehead vibrate. The head feels torn. Stirring, sneezing or coughing relieves the pain.  Hated, pulse weakened, nausea and vomiting. The patient feels sleepy when the pain goes away and he feels better when he wakes up.
The pain lasts from two to three hours to twenty-four hours and in some cases to two to three days.
It is important for migraine patients to have a good breakfast at home in the morning; it is not prudent to eat only tea or coffee. Due to stress, breakfast cannot be done in the morning, no milk, fruit juice or any.  And the right thing to do is to open and have lunch early.

Even children who go to school often do not have breakfast in a hurry, which causes them to not only suffer from migraine, but also to study. They also spend their pockets on chocolate and candy.  , Which in turn creates the potential for further deterioration of health.
It is not yet fully known how the pain begins with the diet, in some cases a particular diet is known, after which the onset of the onset of pain.
It may also result in sensitivity to certain diets. It is recommended that the foods that are suspected should be listed separately and that one of these diets should be abandoned for the duration of the pain.  If you do not have pain during this period, then you should know that you know the diet. Abandon this diet and if it does not matter then turn to other foods.  Try it out.

The severity of heat dissipation also causes the onset of pain. The disease begins to attack after drinking, drinking, or swimming in cold water. Like walking in a sunny sun or watching the sun shine directly or  Looking at the mirror of water, ice or glass also produces the same condition. Very hot dry weather, storms, severe snowfall and thunderstorms, all of which are related to the onslaught of pain.
But it may also be that these climatic changes are not directly causing the disease, but rather the mental strain that is causing them.
The precise cure for this disease is still unknown in the modern way of treatment. Often pain relieving medications are used. The potential of these drugs is that they reduce the pain over time.
There are other side effects of other aspirin, especially those with poor digestion or intestinal bleeding. The medications eaten in Greek for this disease are not only harmful,  But if they are eaten by sanctions, there are definite consequences.
Sympathetic Laba Rutgers Department of Research and Development has made this traumatic disease part of its research.
After a long struggle, pills have been made in the name of “Habitat”, and they have been subjected to all the necessary research. Almighty Allah favors “Habitat” for its easy, harmless, low cost.  Treatment has been proven. Patients with recurrent 2 + 2 and aphimony 2 + 2 teaspoons of water are recovering in the morning with cold mouth and sleeping.
Currently it is available at major pharmaceuticals, but it will soon be packaged and introduced in the market, so that it is readily available to all patients.
Patients with migraine should also follow the precautions given below. Complete rest is the best treatment for the onset of migraines. People who try to lie down in a relaxed environment, rather than those who do not.  Want to continue daily activities, soon get rid of pain.
It is also a good idea to shake your head slowly. If you suffer from mental stress or depression, try to remove them.  The veins feel very agitated, they are relieved when pressed with their fingers. They should be suppressed at intervals.

Noises, driving, cycling, and other hard work may cause an increase in the intensity of pain. If you ever feel that your eyesight has changed during the course of the migraine, you may find yourself in such a condition.  And don’t run the risky tasks, such as cars, etc., especially if it starts to get uncomfortable while driving at night, it is best to park the car in the parking lot and make the seat completely comfortable.  Rest there until the pain subsides or there is no alternative to driving.
If you follow all these steps you can control your pain or reduce the severity to the extent that it does not affect your daily routine, but if it is not, then you  It should not be cheap to consult your physician, as proper and complete treatment of the disease is possible only with the advice of a physician.