No matter how attractive your eyes are, if there are dark circles under them, the eye contraction is diminished. For this reason, if there are dark circles under the eyes, they are regarded as enemies of the beauty of the eyes.  According to modern medical research, the diseases are related to genes and they are transmitted from the genes. People who have yellow or thin skin are also prone to the disease.
Why dark circles form under the eyes. Specialists have made observations about this. The reasons are as follows.



Fatigue is the first major cause of depression. People who are constantly tired or suffering from stress for some reason.

Blood circulation around their eyes slows down and blood causes dark circles to accumulate under the eyelids.
Therefore, it is important to take measures to avoid fatigue or stress so that the dark circles around the eyes are protected.

 Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep can also be the cause of dark circles under the eyes. It has been seen today that people wake up late at night and it is customary to get up late in the morning. There are people who work late at night.
It may be due to eye strain in people who have this problem due to waking up late at night. It is advisable for them to review their sleep apnea and six to eight.  You must complete the hours of sleep.

 Deficiency of blood

People with anemia may also suffer from dark circles. There is anemia.
This causes the dark circles around the eyes as the body and eyes do not get enough blood and thus do not get oxygen. It is advisable for individuals to remove the anemia to eliminate the black circles.  Take the appropriate amount of iron.

 Increased age requirement

The skin on the eyes is thin and soft. This is because of the thinness of the fat tissue.
Which become prominent due to the thinness of the skin tissues such that due to age or abuse can cause dark circles under the eyes


People who spend more time in the sun. Their body produces more melanin. Those who can cause dark circles under the eyes may not stay in the sun too long to protect themselves from the disease.  Wear sunglasses with restrictions.
Wear hats and protect your eyes from sunlight to the fullest extent possible.

 Repeated blemishes of the eyes

Some people have a habit of getting eyesight which can affect the small arteries.

 Salt abuse and dehydration

For some experts, over-use of salt can spread the throat down the eyes.
Even if such people are not prone to hypertension, reduce salt consumption as well as reduce the use of caffeine and sugar. This reduces the possibility of dehydration. Such people must drink at least ten glasses of water a day.  – Because dehydration and salt abuse can also cause dark circles under the eyes.