If obesity is not aggravated by eating or eating, then how is it?

Around the world, people in general think that overweight people or those who are overweight tend to be overweight.

Some people target overweight people with humor, calling them weight for themselves and their family and telling them that they are sick.
The behavior of healthy people with overweight people around the world has been described by scientists as dangerous, and it is also attributed to obesity.
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Recent research by UK psychologists suggests that overweight or obesity does not lead to a lack of confidence or strength in any human being, but criticism lacks the confidence and strength of obese people.  Is.
A recent report released by the British Psychology Society (BPS) states that although some people become obese due to genetic problems and that some people also gain weight due to their lifestyle,  Humor on people is also a reason for their weight gain.

Experts say that overweight people are generally not considered to be lazy, sick, useless, or even called work, which causes depression and frustration in such individuals and leads to their lifestyle.  Don’t change
Psychologists say that because of the humor caused by weight loss, many people do not change their lifestyle and try to lose weight, where they feel frustrated,  Thus their weight begins to increase.
Experts say that if extra-ordinary people change their thinking and talk to them respectfully rather than embarrass them because of their increased weight, the results may be different.
Experts say that doctors, psychologists and healthcare providers should be especially careful with talking to obese people.
Experts gave the example that if such people were addressed as ‘overweight’ rather than ‘obese or obese’, they would not be disappointed and their lifestyle would change.