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3.1 eggs
3.2 Honey, eggs and olive oil
3.3 Onion juice
3.4 The ring
3.5 green tea
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Many women with short hair want to lengthen their hair and make it more vibrant and intense, and for this reason many of them usually resort to applying many natural mixtures that are characterized by their ability to lengthen the hair and provide it with useful nutrients that do not cause any harm to it. In this article  We will introduce you to some tips that contribute to the lengthening of hair in addition to some natural mixtures.

 Hair extension tips

Nourishing hair and strengthening it from the roots to the ends, by massaging the scalp with hair oil twice a week, as it helps in promoting blood circulation, which leads to promoting hair growth.
Avoid washing the hair daily, as this will dry it out.
Avoid using large amounts of shampoo, as it will damage the hair.
The use of plain water, or a paddle when rinsing hair, because hot water has many harmful effects on the hair.
Use of hair conditioner, as it is useful in protecting hair from dust, dirt.
Use conditioner if the hair is of brittle type, only once a week.
Hairstyles with a wide toothed comb, to avoid hair problems such as split ends and breakages.
Cut the ends of the hair as necessary, to get rid of split hair, so that it can grow well.
Exposing hair to high temperatures, because this will cause hair to wave and frizz.
Massage the scalp with vitamin E, as it contains a high percentage of antioxidants that stimulate blood circulation.
Use some recipes made from herbs that are useful in treating many hair problems, such as mixing three tablespoons of castor oil and 1 teaspoon of natural vinegar, then massaging the hair for forty minutes before washing it with water and shampoo.
Eat a healthy diet that contains all the nutrients and focus on eating nuts, cashews, and proteins.
Drink plenty of water, that is, at least eight glasses of water.

Natural recipes for hair extension


Whisk the eggs of two eggs, and put the mixture on the hair for a quarter of an hour before washing it with shampoo water, as this mixture helps in increasing the density and length of the hair, because it contains an appropriate amount of zinc, protein, sulfur, phosphorus, iodine, and iron.

Honey, eggs and olive oil

We mix a tablespoon of olive oil, honey, and egg whites in a dish until we get a coherent mixture, then we apply this mixture to the hair for a third of an hour before washing it with cold water, taking care to repeat this recipe regularly.

Onion juice

Squeeze a red leek, or onion, then put it on the hair for a quarter of an hour before washing it with water and shampoo, as this mixture helps to lengthen the hair and increase its density.

The ring

Soak a quantity of fenugreek seeds for a whole day in water, then grind it the next day until we get a coherent dough, and then add two tablespoons of coconut milk, and then apply this mixture to the hair for forty-five minutes before washing it with lukewarm water, and this mixture is useful.  Hair thickening.

Green tea

Soak some green tea in a quantity of warm water, then apply this mixture on the scalp, before washing it with cold water, as it contains an amount of antioxidants that treat the problem of hair loss.