Keratin and protein

Keratin: It is one of the main proteins that make up hair, nails and skin.  There are two types of keratin in the body: Alpha-Keratin (in English: skin and hair), and beta-keratin (English: Beta-Keratin).  It is applied to the hair through the hairdresser by applying it to the hair and highlighting the heat source on it to ensure its stability.  The process takes 90 minutes or more, depending on the length and density of the hair.  It has many different benefits for hair, it makes the hair more smooth and smooth, which reduces the time spent laying off daily by 40% -60%.  It is worth noting that formaldehyde-free keratin does not harm hair or cause hair loss or weakness, but such symptoms may occur as a result of the heat source being used to fix it.

Protein: A natural ingredient found in hair and nails, it helps in building cells and making enzymes and hormones in the body.  It is worth noting that the body does not store it, despite the need for it to be available in large quantities in the body, which causes some people to resort to using protein to straighten the hair. [3]

 Causes of keratin deficiency in hair

There are a number of factors that lead to a keratin deficiency, including:

The use of chemicals to straighten hair.
Dyeing the hair continuously.
Use the blow dryer and hair straightener continuously.
Exposing hair to the sun for a long time.
Low intake of food containing biotin, and other essential elements such as iron, vitamin C, and omega-


 Keratin hair straightening method

It is an easy method, applied by an expert in hairdressing the salon, and requires a period of no less than two to three hours to complete completely and correctly, to obtain the desired results, and its method is:

 Preparation method:

We put the shampoo for the protein on the hair with the scrub to completely harmonize it, then wash the hair and dry the towel well.
We put the treated keratin on the hair, then cover the hair for twenty to thirty minutes so that the keratin reaches deep into the hair.
Then we straighten the hair using a straightener (hair straightener) with a temperature of at least 450 ° F.
We leave the material on the hair for a period of not less than three days, until the hair absorbs the keratin, and after the time has passed we wash the hair well.

The dangers of hair straightening with keratin

Keratin treatment for rough or frizzy hair is temporary for approximately 33 months.  It is considered somewhat harmful because it contains higher proportions than the normal level of formaldehyde, and according to studies and scientific evidence; formaldehyde is a chemical substance that causes cancer, specifically nose and throat cancers, and the more exposure to it, the greater the chance of cancer occurring.  In addition to causing damage to the nervous system, it increases the chance of headaches, depression, mood swings, insomnia, and memory problems.  While exposed to the salon, you will experience heartburn, itchy throat, and sometimes nosebleeds.  And the International Agency for Research on Cancer has proven not to use keratin for pregnant women because it may cause miscarriage, or if they are pregnant, because it may cause sterility.  Therefore, make sure to use keratin or formaldehyde-free protein.

Alternative natural treatment for keratin and protein for hair

There are a group of natural methods that increase the health and softness of your hair, not to the degree caused by keratin or protein, but it is safe for your hair, including:

Healthy food: Scientists have proven that eating food reflects on the health of hair, so it is advised to eat more vegetables, fruits and protein.  Also, be sure to take the necessary percentage of iron, vitamin E, copper and magnesium.
Using natural hair products that contain keratin, there are many types of shampoo and conditioner that contain keratin, and with regular use, you will get fine and straight hair.
Applying natural home recipes for hair with positive results, which we will mention later.

Alternative natural recipes for keratin and protein

Home Keratin Recipe

This recipe will give you hair with a healthy and soft appearance, and its method is: [6]

the ingredients:
Tablespoon of argan oil.
Mashed avocado.
Tablespoon of coconut oil.
Two drops of liquid biotin.
How to prepare:
Mix the previous ingredients together, then apply them to the scalp and hair.
Rub your scalp with the mixture for a few minutes.
Then leave it on your hair for 20-30 minutes, then wash your hair with water and shampoo.

Gelatin protein recipe


If you suffer from damaged hair as a result of frequent use of a blow dryer or other hairdressers or damage caused by the use of keratin for your hair, here is the recipe: [7]

the ingredients:
Gelatin Packet.
A cup of hot water.
A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
Hair conditioner.
How to prepare:
Empty the gelatin bag into a bowl and pour hot water over it, and stir it well until the gelatin melts completely.
Then add vinegar and continue mixing.
Put the mixture in the freezer until it cools a little, and wash your hair at that time.
Divide your hair into four sections, then quickly apply the mixture to each quarter, as it dries quickly.
Then comb your hair with a wide tooth comb to make sure that the hair is completely covered with it.
Leave it on your hair for 10 minutes.
Then, rinse your hair with water, until it becomes damp, then massage it gently to get rid of it completely.
Apply conditioner to your hair after you’re done.