methods to maintain body activity
Doing exercise
A healthy diet
Lifestyle changes
Ways to maintain body activity

How do I Maintain my Activity
There are many habits that can be followed to increase body activity, including:
Doing exercise

The University of Maryland Medical Center notes that human exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, and cycling strengthens the heart muscle, keeps its heartbeat at a higher rate for a long time, and also helps maintain the blood pressure and cholesterol index, strengthen the spine, and prevent weight gain  Energy level improvement.

Strength and resistance exercises also help build the body’s endurance, by replacing fat with a mass of muscles, which helps to burn calories more, and there are other exercises that help to increase the body’s activity and reduce stress, such as practicing yoga, dancing, and trying to touch fingers  The feet.How do I Maintain my Activity.

Eat a healthy diet

One of the things that helps to increase physical fitness and increase body activity is to follow a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables in abundance, such as spinach, dark leafy vegetables, berries, sweet peppers, melons, bananas, and carrots, this helps to maintain the level of sugar in the blood,  It reduces the body activity to nead to eat helthy food an exsarcise evary morning and evning that a good afects it maintain activity.

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How do I Maintain my Activity

Lifestyle change

Changing the daily lifestyle is one of the important things to increase the activity of the body. For example, some things can be done during working hours such as replacing the desk chair with a balloon in the form of a large ball that guarantees the continuous movement of legs, or taking a break every two hours to climb stairs, as this helps to stimulate the mind,  And increase his focus, and some simple movements help to burn fat, such as the chump on the legs,
It can go to work or any other place on foot instead of going in the car, and exercise some exercise while watching TV at the time of showing ads, for example; [3]  As it showed many studies and ABA  Also, the individual sitting for a prolonged period of time can cause a risk of breast or colon cancer.