full body circuit workout

full body circuit workout

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 1 body flabby
 2 methods of body lift
 3 natural recipes for body lift
 4.Egg white
 5.Honey and bananas
 7.Yogurt and strawberry
 8.Crushed alum and starch
 9.Olive oil and glycerin
 11.body lift exercises
 12.Plastic body lift operations
 Sagging body

full body circuit workout

Aging or losing excessive weight leads to sagging skin and this may lead to discomfort and loss of some self-confidence, and for this, those who suffer from this problem are always looking for ways to treat them, and there are many methods and treatments used to tighten the body, which  Among them, plastic surgery, but the high cost of such surgeries makes the person search for alternative methods less expensive, and we will talk here about the most important methods of body lift
Natural recipes for body lift
full body circuit workout
 Many natural substances can be used to tighten the body, for example:
Egg whites
 It is one of the methods that have a strong effect to tighten the skin, since the egg white is characterized by its ability to approximate the body tissues from each other, which leads to tightening, and the egg white is used by rubbing the areas to be tightened in the body and leaving it for a period ranging between 15-20 minutes before washing the area  , And until the desired result is obtained, it is preferred to use this method twice a week.

Honey and bananas

Banana is characterized by its ability to moisturize the skin, as it contains fats that improve the elasticity of the skin and help to tighten it, and honey and olive oil are added because of their benefits in moisturizing the skin and because they contain anti-oxidants that will repair damaged skin cells as well, and to prepare this mixture  The following is followed:
 the ingredients
 Half a fresh banana.
 A teaspoon of honey.
 A teaspoon of olive oil.


 Bananas are peeled and then crushed well.
 Add honey and olive oil to the banana.
 Spread the mixture over the areas to be tightened in the body, leave it for a quarter of an hour, and then wash the area with lukewarm water.
 The area is washed again with cold water to seal off the pores.


full body circuit workout
 It has antiseptic properties against germs, as well as its ability to stretch flabby areas of the body, in the following way:

 the ingredients

 Two tablespoons of whole wheat flour.
 Teaspoon of turmeric powder.
 Two tablespoons of milk.
 Half a teaspoon of honey.


full body circuit workout
 In a deep bowl, put the flour with turmeric, then add milk and honey, and mix the ingredients well until a thick dough forms.
 A thin layer of dough is placed on the area to be tightened in the body and left to dry completely, and may take a quarter of an hour.
 The area is washed with cold water.

 Yogurt and strawberry

 This mask not only works to tighten the body, but also improves the work of the blood circulation, and can be prepared by mixing two fruits of mashed strawberries well, with a tablespoon of yogurt, and then distribute the mask over the areas to be tightened in the body, and leave it for twenty minutes before washing  The body.

 Ground alum and starch

 The mask is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of ground alum with a tablespoon of starch, and then mixing the ingredients well until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Before using this mask, it should be tried on a small area in the body and ensure that it does not cause allergies. The mask is used by massaging  The area to be tightened in the body.

 Olive oil and glycerin

 This mask is prepared according to the following method:

 the ingredients

 Two tablespoons of any kind of moisturizing cream.
 Three tablespoons of glycerin.
 Three tablespoons of olive oil.
 A few drops of rose water and lemon juice.


 Mix ingredients well and then put them in a closed glass container.
 The glass case is placed in a container containing boiling water.
 An appropriate amount of the mask is taken and distributed over the area to be tightened in the body.
 Massage the area to be tightened with a mask, then leave for an hour before washing the body with soap and water.


This mask is prepared by mixing a tablespoon of coffee with a tablespoon of olive oil, and then the area to be tightened is massaged with this mask. After finishing the massage, the area is wrapped with a piece of nylon and left for an hour until the body sweats, and then is taken  Bathroom.
Body lift exercises
There are several exercises that can be done to help tighten the body, the most important of which are:
  Stair climbing: Some believe that stair climbing is not a type of exercise, but it is true that this exercise has an excellent effect on tightening the body, especially the hips, buttocks and legs, and this exercise causes the body to lose many calories.
 Forearm exercise: This exercise is carried out by extending the body to the abdomen, and then lifting it by hands and forearms, while the body remains tight, and it contributes greatly to stretching the shoulders and chest.
 Jumping rope: This exercise helps to keep the body taut, and it also saves the body from calories, as it is possible to lose approximately 135 calories within ten minutes of exercising.
 Stomach exercise: This exercise works to tighten and slim the abdomen, as it is possible to burn approximately 70 calories within ten minutes of practicing this exercise.

 Yoga exercises.

full body circuit workout

 Jogging, and this exercise can be done outside the home where the body remains tight.
 Do the dance.
 bicycle riding.
 Plastic body lift operations
 Aesthetic body-lift surgeries are appropriate for people who have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time, and a person may have lost weight either through following a diet with exercise, or have performed stomach reduction or any other reason, and each person has a different body nature  On the other hand, therefore, before resorting to such operations, you should speak with the specialist to determine the type of skin and how the process affects the patient taking into account the person’s age, general health, and many factors that the specialist must know before the decision to perform the operation and there are many different surgeries  Firming the body, na  The specialist is often advised to do more than one process in stages so that the body does not overburden and to facilitate the patient’s recovery.