Causes of dizziness and nausea before the session

 Causes of dizziness and nausea before the session

Causes of dizziness for pregnant women in the sixth month

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 Dizziness before the session

Women are used to expecting certain symptoms before menstruation, and they are used to dealing with them, and these symptoms include headache, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea, and dizziness is also a symptom that affects women, and dizziness is known as a feeling of loss of balance and dizziness is more severe when standing quickly than sitting or lying down  This may lead to a loss of balance


Causes of dizziness before menstruation

It is fairly common for a woman to develop dizziness before the menstrual cycle, and the reason behind this dizziness is due to many potential factors, most of which relate to hormonal changes in women during this period, and there are other conditions that may cause them, including anemia and low blood pressure,  But sometimes dizziness may not be related to the menstrual cycle, and the reasons that lead to dizziness before the menstrual


Causes of dizziness and nausea before the session


cycle include the following

Pre-menstrual syndrome: Pre-menstrual syndrome is defined as a common condition, it begins about 5 days or more before the menstruation, and it is seen that the reason behind this syndrome is a hormonal cause, although there are only a few studies that have linked  Dizziness and this syndrome, but research has shown that dizziness occurs as a result of different estrogen levels in the body.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder:

This disorder is defined as a more severe case of premenstrual syndrome. His sufferers suffer from daily symptoms that require psychological and physical therapeutic intervention and it is reported that vascular changes that occur before the menstrual cycle may cause dizziness.

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It is a condition characterized by pain during the menstrual cycle, and one of the studies conducted on more than 250 university students to find common symptoms of dysmenorrhea found that dizziness was the second most common symptom they had, and that 48% of them had it as a result of the menstrual cycle.

Anemia: Iron deficiency anemia occurs in women of childbearing age as a result of the blood loss caused by the menstrual cycle. In this type of anemia, iron deficiency leads to a decrease in the production of red blood cells, which in turn leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood circulation.  The same blood circulation may become dizzy due to iron deficiency anemia.

Low blood pressure: Low blood pressure causes a feeling of dizziness. Many sexual hormones have an effect on blood pressure. While testosterone raises it, we find that estrogen lowers it. It is worth noting that estrogen levels are high in the week leading up to the menstrual cycle, which leads to low blood pressure.  And causing dizziness.

Low blood sugar levels: Estrogen does not only affect blood pressure levels, but also affects sugar levels in it, and it is known that low blood sugar levels lead to dizziness.

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Migraine headache: triggers of migraine headaches include hormonal changes, and this headache in turn leads to dizziness, it is worth noting that hormonal changes that occur before the menstrual cycle may cause this headache.

 Menstrual symptoms

There are many symptoms that a woman feels when her period approaches, including the following

Fatigue and fatigue.
Feeling dizzy.
Pain caused by ovulation, for some time this stage affects women in the lower abdomen.
Breast pain.

The difference between dizziness before menstruation and pregnancy dizziness

There is a difference between pregnancy dizziness and dizziness that occu