Eyelid Dermatitis Treatment Natural

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 2 Treat eyelid inflammation with herbs and foods
 3 Treating eyelid inflammation in traditional ways
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The eye is one of the most sensitive organs in the human body, as it is the device or organ responsible for delivering vision to the brain by capturing and collecting external light and then distributing it to the rest of the eye and analyzing it to the brain receptors. The eye consists of three important major layers that come in the first place  The hard layer, which is located outside the eye and consists of connective tissue that protects the eye and is very rich in blood vessels, and the front part of this layer is transparent and called the cornea, as it never contains blood vessels and food and oxygen arrive through the discharge of the ciliary body and this layer also contains the face  It is called the placenta and is located between both the hard and retinal cornea and its mission is to deliver blood loaded with oxygen to the retina

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The eye is one of the areas rich in melanin, which is the main responsible for absorbing the excess of the light rays that pass through the retina and in turn prevents the reflection of these rays, which produces a clear vision, and the second layer of the eye (the ciliary body) is the flexible section and is formed behind the iris, surrounded by ciliary polyps that are secreted  The so-called aqueous sap contains soft muscle fibers, and the third region is the most important layer in the eye and is called the retina and consists of two sheets, the outer pigment and the inner nerve.


Eyelid Dermatitis Treatment Natural


 Treating eyelid inflammation with herbs and foods

Treatment of blepharitis tea: By boiling fresh tea and putting it on the eyelid with compresses, which contributes effectively to soothing and reducing the symptoms of inflammation, and a piece of cotton can be dipped in the soaked green tea and wipe the eyelid area to remove cortical material.
Eating balanced foods: Eating fresh vegetables and fruits that contain nutritional fibers helps to strengthen the eyelid, which stimulates the secretion of the lacrimal solution, which in turn sterilizes the eye.

Treating eyelid inflammation in traditional ways

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Make lukewarm compresses for the affected eyelid.
Clean the eyelid with a mild shampoo.
Use of topical corticosteroids.
Using antibiotic ointments or taking medications such as tetracycline.
The effect of eyelid treatment appears in a period of two to three weeks, and symptoms may recur as the person does not receive the necessary care.

Eye inflammation

It is a leather cover for the eye area and its primary function is to protect the eye from external environmental damage such as sand, wind and substances harmful to the eye and it consists of two parts; the upper and lower which is responsible for protecting the eye from fatigue so that it closes the eye from time to time.

As for eyelid inflammation, it is a bacterial infection in the eyelid area, and this infection is often chronic, irritating and difficult to treat quickly, which affects the person affected negatively in the process of vision.

Symptoms of blepharitis

Chronic heartburn.
Feeling cold in the eyelid sac.
The affected person feels the presence of a foreign object in the eyelid area.
Redness of both the conjunctiva and eyelid.
Frequent excretion of dry materials and often their waking time.

 Causes of eyelid inflammatio

Partial or complete malfunction of the lipid glands in the eyelid and its increased secretion.
Exposure to external bacteria.
Infection with pink count.
Infection with the so-called golden staph or bacteria.
The treatment of Abu Jalijel

Eyelid Dermatitis Treatment Natural

Abu Jalijel is known by different names, including shahat or beggar, and it is a bacterial infection caused by a bacterium called Staphylococcal bacteria that affects hair follicles in the eyelashes, so that there appears in the eye a swollen bump that is red, and it often appears on the edge of the eyelid, either upper or  The lower eyelid is painful when touched, and the injured person’s tear is constantly tear during the injury period, and this type of inflammation often affects both sexes at all ages. Abu Jalijel is considered an infectious disease, as bacteria may travel to the other eye of the injured person easily  , Has  This infection is transmitted from one person to another as a result of the use of personal tools and towels, so the appearance of symptoms of this disease on the person requires him to wash his face frequently, while emphasizing the importance of attention to washing hands constantly, and not sharing towels and personal tools with others, and it is also advised not to use contact lenses  Make-up tools during the injury, and in this article we will talk about Abu Jijel’s treatment.

Abu Jalijel treatment

Injury in this condition is treated by following a set of steps and procedures that are as follows:

 First: Abu Jalijel’s treatment medically

Initially, warm compresses should be used for the eye, as it contributes to reducing the feeling of pain in addition to reducing bacterial inflammation. As for the method of use, a piece of cotton is moistened with hot water, and then placed on the eye and left until it cools a little, and this must be repeated several times in  One day, with a duration of no less than ten minutes to a quarter of an hour.

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Gentle eye massage is extremely important, taking care not to squeeze it, and the massage process must be repeated several times per day, so that each time is about ten minutes.
In some cases, doctors have to prescribe oral or topical antibiotics, and the most prominent antibiotics used in this case are cephalosporin and erthromycine.
Pain relievers are used in many cases, the most notable of which is paracetamol.
In some cases, doctors resort to subject the patient to surgery, and this is under the influence of local anesthesia.

 Second: Follow the correct practices and guidelines

Care must be taken to ensure good hygiene of the eye and eyelid.
Care must be taken to clean the hands thoroughly, as the transmission of infection is easily caused by rubbing the eye or contacting it with hands contaminated with bacteria. It is also advised to wash hands frequently before touching the eye or wearing contact lenses, whether there is a bacterial infection or in the absence of it.

Avoiding the pressure on the beggar is important, as pressure on it affects eye vision and causes an exacerbation of this problem.

Using a warm, clean towel and applying it to the part of the eye on which the beggar appears for five to ten minutes is important in reducing pain and speeding up the recovery of this condition.
Care should be taken to sterilize contact lenses if the patient has to use them.
Avoiding old eye cosmetics is necessary, as they may carry bacteria and cause an increase in inflammation or other eye infections with this eye.

 Third: treatent with herbs and home mixes

Many people resort to the use of many herbs to relieve the pain of this condition, and the most prominent herbs used is what is known as the plant Aloe vera, and we use it to break a leaf of Aloe Vera leaves and put the mucous liquid inside them on the eye in the form of bandages, as this liquid cools the skin, regenerates cells and relieves  From this case.