six easy ways to have healthier glowing beautiful skin

six easy ways to have healthier glowing beautiful skin

there is so much that we can do to take care of our skin so we can put our best face forward so one of the main reasons that we struggle so much with our skin is that we’re using really harsh cleansers and soaps on our skin really

frequently and an attempt to try and clean our skin which is perfectly valid but when you’re using really harsh soaps and cleansers and things that contain alcohol and other unnatural ingredients it will actually pull a lot of the natural oils out of your skin,

so your skin is constantly producing sebum to keep it hydrated keep it healthy so when you use a really harsh cleanser and strip all those oils from your skin your body will kind of overcompensate by creating more oils so whether your skin is too dry or too oily it all kind of comes back to the same problem which is your cleansers are too harsh maybe you’re actually scrubbing too hard on your skin when you do wash your face and the simple solution is just to use safer more natural products that are going to help support those natural

processes that your skin is already doing to try and keep itself healthy so luckily there are a lot of wonderful simple natural cleansers you can use on your face any kind of natural oil like coconut oil or olive oil makes a really great makeup remover and one of my favorite new products by bubble and Bo is a great example of using natural ingredients to help clean your face.

so I want to thank bubble and Bo for sponsoring this video and giving me a chance to share this information with you so this is the Cleanser it’s called poor hero so it contains activated charcoal which actually kind of pulls toxins dirt and bacteria out of your skin but in a more gentle way than really harsh cleansers and then it contains coconut oil olive oil aloe vera that are going to help hydrate your skin but also again those oils are great for removing dirt removing makeup so this is a great example of a wonderful natural gentle cleanser and all of these products smell amazing this one is really fun anything with activated charcoal is typically black so it’s just kind of fun to use smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling really clean and when I do use it to remove my makeup I just can use my fingers

six easy ways to have healthier glowing beautiful skin

I don’t have to use any pressure or any force which can sometimes be just a common thing we end up doing when we’re trying to remove our makeup so something that allows you to remove it really gently is a wonderful thing to have in your bathroom cabinet another easy way to have healthy glowing skin is to increase the amount of antioxidants in your diet and in your skin care products so things that are internal and things that we use topically so anti oxidants fight the oxidative

process that basically underlies aging so when you think antioxidants think anti-aging so we get antioxidants from those natural healthy foods that we know.
we’re supposed to be eating all of your berries are excellent sources of antioxidants green tea matcha and in terms of topical things one really kind of powerhouse of antioxidants is argan oil so that brings me to this next little product it’s called all over it she thinks it’s so cute so this is just argan oil and lavender and it’s a very gentle very clean oil right but the argan oil is a very very potent antioxidant

effect so again antioxidants anti-aging again this oil smells amazing it’s so delightful I’ve been using it on my hair I’m using on my nails my skin and it’s just really really nice and literally gives you that immediate feeling of really nice moisture and you know again if we were to compare this to a lot of the oils and creams that we typically see in the beauty section they oftentimes contain a lot of you know kind of synthetic or just strange


six easy ways to have healthier glowing beautiful skin

chemicals when you use something on your skin that comes straight from nature your body knows how to use it it doesn’t require any breaking down or changing so if you use a chemical on your skin your body has to actually break it down and figure out how to how to use it we use natural things or eat you know natural foods they’re much much easier on our system so I just love this oil again I wish that you could smell it through the

Get Fiberglass out of Skin

because it just smells amazing but this is a great example of a high antioxidant type of topical oil to use on your skin the third thing you can do for your skin is to stop being really harsh when you wash your face you know a lot of times especially if we’ve worn a lot of makeup we may feel inclined to kind of scrub our face really hard to scrub the bacteria away scrub the dirt away but it’s actually kind of counterintuitive so our skin especially the skin on our face and our neck is really really

delicate so you really want to avoid harshly scrubbing your skin and a lot of the kind of exfoliating soaps and things that you see out there some of them contain like little blue microbeads or all kinds of strange kind of synthetic or just plastic compounds even that are there to help you clean your skin and scrub your skin so even though it may seem a little counterintuitive you want to be much more gentle on your skin and if you do want to exfoliate which is a fantastic idea

I encourage you to once again use a safer more natural exfoliator so for instance there is an enzyme in papaya that literally helps to support the regeneration of cells and making of new cells to not only mechanically exfoliate your face but to literally support your skin and creating healthy new skin cells so another bubble and bow product is this glow on it’s a exfoliating pineapple wet mask so it contains the papaya enzyme and it contains aloe vera which Hazel jojoba oil vitamin E again

we’ve got those really safe natural oils that are really great for cleaning your face really gentle exfoliator –zz that literally support your skin healing and repairing itself and again it smells amazing as you might have guessed and another cool kind of just added bonus from bubble and bow is that they also make a food grade silicone mask so if you’ve been following the whole sheet masks craze the idea is that by using a sheet over your mask or a sheet mask as they’re often sold you’re actually helping your skin to absorb the benefits of that mask and the cool thing about this mask which is actually made out of food grade silicone so you can reuse it I think it says up to 20 times reuse

Elemis Rose Facial Oil
¬†your mask it also decreases the amount of time that you need to wear the mask so if you’re sick of wearing a sheet mask for a really long time this is a really really great product and I think they say you know you just need to leave it on for like two or three minutes that’s what I tried and I felt my skin just feeling so fresh and so clean and so soft so I love this as a great time-saver if you’re used to doing sheet masks you’re going to be so thrilled to cut that time in half and just a great way to kind of increase the benefit of the products that you’re using by

helping your skin to absorb them even more my fourth tip is to reduce inflammation so inflammation is that immune response that happens if you ever have a cut or a scrape and you see you know the redness that inflamed appearance right of that wound that’s your immune system flowing in with all of its

resources to help heal and repair well what happens on our skin a lot of the time especially with things like acne eczema is that there ends up being too much of an inflammatory response so this can be due again to using cleansers that are too harsh that throw off the natural pH balance and oil balance of your skin we also have a lot of bacteria on our skin the good bacteria that are actually helping to fight off the toxins and bad bacteria we come into contact with so as a result of a lot of these

harsh cleansers our immune system actually has to kind of kick into overdrive okay and so what happens is we have redness we have that inflamed feeling again things like acne and eczema so one of the best natural ways to reduce inflammation topically is aloe vera so most of us are used to using aloe vera on sunburns or healing wounds or burns or anything like that and it’s because it’s a really strong anti-inflammatory and it actually has wound healing benefits so taking aloe vera juice internally is a really great idea but you

can also use it topically and even though we you know kind of I think usually associate aloe with just being used for a Cerne sunburn just understand that if you have problematic skin reducing inflammation and using aloe on your skin even on a daily basis is a really good idea so aloe vera is one of the ingredients in these cleansers and again that anti-inflammatory

benefit can help you clear up your skin reduce just the redness and puffiness that we all hate and it’s just a wonderful example of a super safe natural ingredient that’s really pretty easy to find my fifth tip is using healthy fats on your skin so if you watch a lot of my nutrition videos you know that I’m a big fan of incorporating healthy fats into your diet the whole fat free craze in my opinion has done more damage to us than almost anything else so in the same

way that we want to eat healthy fats it’s also a good idea to use healthy fats on your skin so that’s another benefit of the Moroccan argan oil in the all over it is that it contains a lot of essential fatty acids linoleic acid o meta six fatty acids which are really good for our face we also have vitamin E vitamin A there’s all kinds of hydrating and nourishing components that literally help to quench your skin’s thirst rather than just using a topical oil to reduce the appearance of dry skin now we’re actually

getting to the root cause and helping to give your skin those healthy fats that it needs in order to be healthy tip number six is to avoid using antibacterial soaps on your face so if you remember a moment ago I mentioned that we have a lot of good bacteria on our skin not only is it a big part of our immune system right because our skin is protecting us from the

outside world so we have a lot of bacteria all over our skin right but they perform really important functions which is basically defending us from all of the bad bacteria we come into contact with so there are a lot of soaps nowadays that contain antibacterial ingredients triclosan is one of the big ones well the thing about antibacterial soaps and

cleansers is that they kill all the bacteria so now you’ve killed the bad bacteria that you may have come into contact with but you’ve also killed all of your body’s own defenses so now you have a situation where you’ve thrown off a really important part of the balance that’s really essential for keeping your skin and your body healthy for that matter and then we talked earlier about inflammation right so

another big component of why we can end up with excessive inflammation on our skin is that we’re using antibacterial soaps so even if you just use an antibacterial hand soap and then you’re touching your face you’re getting that triclosan or antibacterial ingredient on your skin a lot of us are also taking internal antibiotics and a lot of these skincare products out there are you know their mechanism of action is that they’re antibacterial but just remember that you know another reason to use something that’s gentle and natural is that it’s gonna help conserve your good healthy

bacteria that are there to perform really important functions and it’s also going to help prevent your body from going into that inflammation overdrive and causing breakouts and eczema and all kinds of other issues another great thing about these bubble and Bo products is that they are free of parabens which are an incredibly common chemical if you look for methylparaben and propyl paraben you will see them in the ingredients usually toward the end of almost every skin care and hair product that you buy but of course they’re now finding it to be harmful so they’re free of parabens they’re free of artificial fragrances you know when you see the word fragrance on a label it doesn’t actually tell you anything about what chemical is actually in the product there’s like a huge list of different

chemicals that can simply go by the name fragrance on a label but avoiding fragrance is something that I’ve been doing for a really really long time but luckily these natural ingredients smell amazing on their own so no parabens no artificial fragrances they’re also gluten free and completely vegan and they’re cruelty free so a lot of the different cosmetic products out there are either tested on animals or I don’t even want to get into it but cruelty-

free vegan lets you feel really confident really safe with these products and just knowing that no person or animals were harmed in the making of these products I want to think bubble and bow for sponsoring this video I actually have a 15% off coupon code its psyche truth 15 so if you follow the link down in the description and use that coupon code

you can get a discount and again I just love these products I really really stand behind this brand and really hope that you will give them a try if you’re looking for some really really safe natural products that are gonna not just

improve the appearance of your skin but really help your skin be healthy from the inside out and I want to thank you so much for watching I do have a 15% off discount code for you down in the video description if you just follow the link and use the code psyche truth 15 you can save 15% off of your order I really love this

brand and I really hope you’ll try it out if you do definitely come back leave me a comment let me know what you think and I look forward to seeing you in the next video [Music] with hundreds of videos that you can stream on virtually any device to help you reduce stress lose weight or just improve your health and well-being overall at wellness plus TV we are dedicated to helping you on your health and wellness journey join wellness + TV to find hundreds of videos to help you improve the health of your body and your mind wellness plus dot TV get well feel better you