Add some facial oil to your foundation

Makeup artist Daniel Martin says it’s a red carpet trick that will help dry out skin immediately. “Grinding found in oil breaks down the oil in the foundation, which eliminates smooth coverage and dew.” How to do it: Mix one drop of facial oil with a liquid foundation pump and tap the mixture with a damp sponge or flat top foundation brush. Sit for a few minutes before touching the translucent powder and dusting the area around your nose and T-zone.

Drink a ton of H2O

Because it is as important to hydrate your body from the inside as it is to moisturize it from the outside. When you feel dehydrated, Alpert explains, “Your skin cells glow, fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable.” While well-groomed skin looks like “dew, full and more youthful.” If that’s not enough reason to start googling, another thing is: Drinking plenty of water also helps suppress the desire for sugar throughout the day, which means that in general There is less inflammation. But don’t just put a gallon back and say it one day. Take one liter every few hours to give your body time to absorb it.

Slapping a night mask

And when you catch some Z, let all the restoration of goodness sink. Find formulas with hydrating glycerin and hyaluronic acid, like the Oral Paris Revita Left Triple Power Antennas Overnight Mask, says Dr. Rivera. The sleep mask’s wrinkle-reducing effects are twofold: first, it repairs cells at night, allowing turbocharged components to penetrate deeper and work more efficiently. It also helps seal the precious moisture, which escapes during the re-creation process. Try to rust first to better absorb. What will you see when you wake up? A bright, dazzling, smooth-looking color.

Keep up the pressure

This is the number one enemy of the people for clean skin. Alpert says that when you are stressed, your body produces extra adrenaline and cortisol, which can cause skin problems such as acne, irritation and hives. Meditation is not your thing? Try drinking a cup of tea rich in magnesium: it will help to regulate the nervous system and whatever is hard – will help to relax. This includes the muscles and the brain. Take a sip before bed and look for Roebus or white tea.

Massage your eyes with a smile
Even if the rest of your face is well-groomed, chances are you haven’t escaped the occasional (or permanent) curse of the bag under control. Dr. Rivera says they are part of our genetic heritage, and manage to send practically everything, stress, soy sauce, allergies, and all the nitters – in one go. If you wake up to speak a little, try a caffeine-rich eye cream to help minimize soreness and narrow blood vessels. (Bonus points if it contains a cooled metal tip, such as the L’r Parisal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power Eye Treatment.) For longer time bags, double down on a DIY acupressure massage. “Working in pressure areas is beneficial for faster circulation, reduced profitability and the removal of excess fluid,” says Goldstein. To do this, place your thumb between your eyebrows and massage for 10 seconds. Then, starting from the inner corners of the eyes, use your fingertips to lightly circle around the bones of the orbiting circle, and trace the circle under the eyes. Repeat two or three times.

Put pressure on fruits and vegetables
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: healthy skin is essential to a healthy diet. Shelley Goldstein, a Manhattan-based cosmetic facial acupuncturist, added: “Just as you want your serum and cream to have better skin vitamins, so too should you eat foods.” What exactly is to be targeted? First of all, the shekang-fighting vitamin A-AKA is known as retinol, which you can find in carrots, pumpkins and black leafy greens. Then add free-based vitamin C, which, as Alpert explains, “is essential to help build collagen and help heal scars.” Blueberries, kiwis, and sweet potatoes are great,

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