How to get rid of extra fat is the most frequently asked question all time. To answer this simple question is very easy but following the whole guideline is not as simple as it appears to be. There are different strategies in which people can opt to lose weight.
Usually, people gain weight when they eat more than their body needs. However not only this factor induce obesity but there are a lot of other factors at the same time such as genetic factors, hormonal problems, metabolic disorders, body type, and daily life routine.
Obesity is the most widely spread problem throughout the world. It is very easy to gain weight but the weight loss journey is very difficult.
Researches have shown that every year almost 2.8 million people die due to complications arises related to obesity.
Obesity health risk:
There are different diseases directly related to obesity.such as
·         High blood pressure
·         Diabetes
·         brain stroke
·         heart stroke
·         liver disease
·         kidney disease and many more.
These diseases can only be controlled by lowering body fat.
Diet for weight loss:
Different myths are associated with a weight loss diet. Different foods absorb through different metabolic pathways in the body. There are different diet plans which leave you hungry even after taking a complete meal.
Weight loss: Tips and Tricks
There are different low energy diets that don’t fill you up completely. However, all the diets do not do the same. A good diet plan helps you to lose weight and aims to:


·         Reduce your appetite
·         Readily helps you lose weight
·         Improve metabolic health
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Weight lose diet:
Many different quick weight diet plans are available which help you reduce weight.
Cut back on carbs:
Lowering down sugar in your diet helps you to lose weight. There are different diet plans which are suggested by health consultants which help to maintain lower body weight include lower sugar and carbohydrates.
An advantage of lowering carbs is that it lowers down insulin level in the blood and hence in that sense it aids the kidney to shed down extra sodium and water content.
Researches have shown that low carbs diets are even more helpful in lowering a weight than low-fat diets.
Low carbs vegetables:
Different vegetables are lower in carbs but still are considers healthy diets. The list of low carbs vegetables is given below
·         Cauliflower
·         Tomato
·         Cabbage
·         Cucumber
·         Lettuce etc
These are all leafy green vegetables that help lower body fat. These are all low in calories and full of fibers.
Eating leafy green vegetables fill up your hunger without much affecting body weight as these are lower in fat. Additionally, leafy green vegetables are also rich in nutrients, calcium, and vitamin C.
Healthy fat diet:
It was considered that fats are not good for a healthy life. But now the time has been changed and studies have shown that not all the fats are not harmful to your body. Some fats are even more useful for healthy body growth.
Sources of healthy fats include:
·         Olive oil
·         coconut oil
·         butter
·         cheese etc
Different exercises are used to shed down extra weight.These exercises work by burning extra body fat.List of useful exercises are mentioned as under:
All physical activities that are useful to burn fat are considered for weight loss. Walking is one of these exercises that are used to burn extra body fat.
Weight loss: Tips and Tricks
Figure 2:morning walk for weight loss
When we move or walk full body comes in working position. But walking alone is not enough to lose weight, it is helpful only when you maintain a less caloric diet along with.
Jogging or Running:
Jogging and running are considered to be the best fat burning exercises.Running is an action in which runner moves on quickly than to walking. A healthy life needs a healthy body, and a healthy body can be build up by doing different exercises.
Figure 3:Jogging:best fat burning exercise
Weight loss: Tips and Tricks

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After running your body absorbs maximum oxygen and hence it nourishes your body and increases metabolic rate. At the same time running helps to decrease different disease rates like Heart Failure, Depression, and different mental diseases.

Like jogging and walking, another fat-burning exercise is cycling.It helps in tightening muscles hence reduce leg fats.
Figure 4:cycling for fat lose
Only 30 minutes of cycling daily will help you to burn a maximum of fats and hence aids in weight loss.
There are a lot of other exercises that are at the same time very important and proves very useful to lower body fat.