Good nutrition is an important part of a healthy life. Along with physical activities, it helps your body to grow very well. It not only strengthens your body but at the same time, it reduces the risk of different chronic diseases like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

A healthy diet not only lowers the rate of chronic diseases but at the same time, it helps to grow a healthy mind and reduce the risk of depression. Eating a healthy diet includes lowering salt and sugar content in your diet.

A healthy diet plan changes according to age. For example, if you are finding a healthy diet plan for kids, there is a separate meal plan but if it is a search for a young athlete or an older person then the diet plan changes accordingly.

There are some common food tips that are as:
Don’t forget breakfast
Take plenty of water
Eat a variety of food
Lower down salt and sugar
Avoid harmful Alcohol use

Don’t forget Breakfast:

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. As it helps the body to maintain a sufficient amount of glucose and lets the body remain active the whole day. It reduces the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart diseases by boosting the immune system.

Skipping breakfast is like reducing the overall energy of the body. Breakfast acts like a fuel for the brain and stomach. After 10-12 hours of complete fasting in the night, morning is the time to fill your belly with a healthy diet.

A breakfast platter with nutrients and essential minerals is sufficient to keep you whole day active. Breakfast not only provides energy but it is a good source of essential nutrients, calcium, vitamin fibers, and proteins.
Breakfast boosts brainpower

Whenever you miss your breakfast you will notice that you are facing a problem with focusing on things. This is just because your mind needs the energy to work properly. Studies suggest that not taking breakfast causes different health problems like the ability to concentrate on things, mental health, and your attention.

Students who miss there breakfast are unable to focus on studies properly. In contrast, students who take their breakfast can concentrate more precisely on studies. Therefore the intake of proper breakfast is very compulsory not only for students but also for everyone.

Take Plenty of Water:

The human body can survive without food for weeks but for water, it cannot lasts a few days. Water is an important part of life. Most bodily functions based on it, including to maintain different health issues. The human body contains 60 to 70% water. Water is the basic component of blood, urine, precipitation, and digestive juice.

The human body is unable to store water for a larger time therefore to keep the bodily functions stable we should drink plenty of water daily.

Importance of water:

Water plays an important role in human life. Without water, it is very difficult to survive.

Water is required for most bodily functions, including

It provides lubrication to joints.
It helps to regulate body temperature through sweating
moisturize the skin
lubricate joints
help to carry out oxygen and nutrients to other parts of the body
How much water intake daily?

Usually, it is preferably considered 8 glasses of water are required to intake for a healthy life. But still, there are some factors on which your water intake capability depends for example your age, gender, and how active you are.
In the same way, some people need less water intake, as
-who lives in cold places
-who eat a lot of water content food such as fruits and vegetables.
Avoid artificially sweetened drink:

Sweet is considered to be harmful to health. In general, it causes different health problems like tooth decay, diabetes, and, reduce bone strength. Medically it is guided to intake of drinks that contain added sugar.
Having a sugary drink provides you with no nutrients but it is directly associated with weight gain both in adults and children.

Eat a variety of food:
Eating the right variety of food keeps your immune system active and healthy. The human body consists of trillions of cells and each cell requires food and energy for better working in terms of minerals and vitamins.

No single food item can provide all the essential nutrients. So it is necessary to eat a variety of food. The basic function behind this is food provides your body with maximum energy which is used by the body for proper functioning.

Some tips for a complete balanced diet is:

In your daily life aim to eat a variety of food including all fruits, vegetables, protein-rich food that is meat, sea fish eggs, etc. Along with legume, grain, and lentils, etc.
For snacks, choose dry fruits like peanut, and almonds, etc rather than food that is rich in salt and a variety of sugars.
Five major food groups are


Meat including kinds of seafood, eggs, etc
Cereal food mostly whole grain etc
Milk, yogurt, etc
Eating a variety of food means eating a portion of food from each food group daily, according to recommendations. As each food group provides different types of nutrients therefore it is necessary to choose a variety of food.
Lower down salts and sugars:

Excess of anything is harmful. A higher intake of salt can raise blood pressure, which is the leading direction for different heart diseases. Most people all over the world intake a larger amount of salt than that recommended by WHO, i.e 5g a day.

Tips to reduce salt intake:

Cut off snacks that are rich in salt.
when cooking food reduce the use of sauce
when using nuts, dry fruits, and canned vegetables try to choose without added salt.
Before buying check out the product with a lesser amount of salt
About salt;

Commonly used salt in regular routine is NaCl (sodium chloride). Sodium is an essential nutrient and plays a different role in the body. Maintenance of blood plasma and acid-base concentration is controlled by it.
Intake of excess sodium leads to different health risks. It is naturally found in a variety of food such as fish meat and milk.
Avoid harmful Alcohol use:

Alcohol is prohibited in Islam. It is not a healthy diet. But in different countries celebration are usually associated with alcohol consumption. Intake of a larger amount of alcohol leads to different health problems like liver damage, mental illness, etc.

Less consumption of alcohol is acceptable because no long term effects are associated with it but still avoiding it completely is perfectly ok for health.

Major side effects :

Different side effects associated with the consumption of alcohol are.
It lowers down the proper working of the brain. Alcohol consumption affects the structure and function of the brain. At the same time, heavy drinking of Alcohol weakens the heart.

Some of the early effects of alcohol on the heart are high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. Therefore it is suggested to cut off with alcohol.
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