Pioneering Hydroxy Acids NeoStrata and its sister product line Exuviance are regarded as the originator and pioneer in alpha hydroxy acid and polyhydroxy acid technology. NeoStrata is regarded as the number one recommended professional alpha hydroxy acid skin care brand by physicians worldwide.

NeoStrata is recommended and used by physicians,

dermatologists and plastic surgeons in over 60 nations. And NeoStrata is your exclusive source of qualified skin care of polyhydroxy acid and bionic ingredients. How can NeoStrata’s active ingredients gain skin? Alpha hydroxy acids are several naturally occurring acids, derived from fruits. These chemicals were first introduced by dermatologists from 1974; those dermatologists demonstrated the effects of alpha hydroxy acids by demonstrating how they normalize skin.

NeoStrata’s alpha hydroxy acids and Distinctive polyhydroxy acids cure and Enhance skin conditions such as:

– Dry skin care
– pigmentation
– Psoriasis
– Pigmentation problems
– Photoaging
– Nice traces
– Wrinkles
– Dullness
NeoStrata uses key components in their formulations such as gluconolactone. Gluconolactone is a antioxidant polyhydroxy acid which works well with even the most sensitive skins. The makeup of this polyhydroxy acid conditions and hydrates skin as it’s multiple water-attracting hydroxyl groups. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced without distress or sensitivity occurring. Lactobionic, additionally one of NeoStrata’s key ingredients, is a polyhydroxy acid acetic acid derived from naturally occurring lactose.


Best summer health tips idea| Summer tips Antioxidant benefits of this ingredient combat free radical harm while moisturizing properties attract and bind water to the skinarea. Lactobionic also fights fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing skin.

The major ingredient used in NeoStrata and also Exuviance goods is lactic acid which is a natural component of sugar cane. Lactic acid has the smallest molecule in the AHA household, so can readily be absorbed into the epidermis and supply benefits. Studies indicate that NeoStrata’s glycolic acid really makes the skin appear younger.

Exuviance products combine effective alpha hydroxy acids with moisturizing and defensive ingredients such as essential lipids, antioxidants, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and natural marine and plant components to stimulate and encourage a more healthy and vibrant skin.

Case studies performed with the NeoStrata and Exuviance products reasoned that skin care regimens comprising gluconolactone improve factors like: – Photoaging within 6-12 weeks – Substantial Decline in erythema and tenderness in 6-12 weeks – Enhanced firmness,

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moisturization and overall appearance of skin Additional case studies proved that Lactobionic acid benefits the skin by being a better antioxidant then other common antioxidants found in skincare regimens – Topical Lactobionic acid is useful in wound healing – Apparent and improve too dry skin – reduction of cell turnover NeoStrata strives to perfect and enhance their merchandise as technology changes and evolves, providing you with a more glowing and healthy skin

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