Product Description Recreate the mask again with gluconavalent and alpha glucan yeast.

Balm-like, cooling and massaging texture

Supports natural elimination of toxins

Night detox

/ Overnight pro-vitality mask

Anti-aging overnight mask

Reapply the mask overnight with a cool, massaging texture. Gluconavalentone, alpha glucan yeast and longevity complex – work together to promote the natural autophagy of the skin, eliminating toxins accumulated during the day, and revealing glowing skin in the morning. Natural balance and fragrance fragrance for mind and body.

Silicone free.
Free of artificial fragrance.

Ingredients of 98.7% natural origin.

In case of pressure and tired skin, face mask is recommended, lines, wrinkles and first signs of aging. Use every 3 months for a period of 28 days when needed or as a treatment.

How to use skin regimen night detox
1. At night, as a last step in your skinner routine, apply a face mask overnight and massage it on the skin while moving out of the center and circling around the eyes.

2. Leave the face mask on all night.

3. Clean on waking to remove any residue.

Longevity complex stress: Wild indigo, maki berry, organic spinach and carnosine to prevent the effects of stress and aging.

Alpha glucan yeast: It strengthens the skin’s autophagy mechanism, a natural system for the elimination of metabolic waste products. Detoxification involves the accumulation of waste products during the day, the general aging process, and the prolonged period of stress.

Gluconolactone: Multiple hydroxy acids with non-invasive action on the skin. It acts on the outer skin layer,

weakens the structure of carniocytes and supports balanced cellular business.

Beauty Tips For Face Pro Tips

Take your 3 minutes to use the Anti-Aging Face Mask, after a skin massage / brain massage, designed to take advantage of its balance and put you in the right mood before bed.

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98.7% of the ingredients are aggregate natural.
Cenza silicone.
Senza Fragrance Synthetic.

Con Gluconolatone, Alpha-Glucono del Levito E Longevity Complex 2.

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