Every one doing that work but don’t now ho to remove fiberglass from skin today we we’ll shire with you same secrets for removing fiberglass from skin and hands also from cloths

fiberglass on your skin is useless. It is itchy and annoying and can ruin your whole day completely! Today I was waxing off my board and yes, I got fiberglass on my fingers! (And a huge mess of wax off my board!)

The secret is very simple – tap! From scotch tape to duct tape to guerrilla tape to tape continuity. I seem to understand the sticker better secret removing fiberglass from skin
Best secret to removing fiberglass from skin

(Thanks to my Hanai older brothers Brian Cavalana and Lanai Tabora for pointing me to this. They swear by duct tape.)

Cut a piece of duct tape and lightly place it where the fiberglass is blowing you. After a few seconds, gently take off the tape and wail! It may not come out every single little piece but I guarantee it will feel much better than before. You can soak in a warm bath with salt and then gently rub on the affected area and use an old panty hose to remove the remaining fibers. Do all three! Can’t hurt right?

Once the fiberglass is gone and the board is clean life swells again

How to remove fiberglass from skin