Wandering about the best hair care routine? Here you will get answers to all your queries. Beautiful and shiny hair is the dream of everyone. But due to environmental pollution and different shampoos stuffed with a number of chemicals, it is not possible to meet the expected criteria.
Best Hair Care

It doesn’t matter what type of hair you have, every kind of hair requires certain hair care treatments. These treatments are used worldwide and are thought to be universal. Different people spend too much money and time on shampoos, but these chemically stuffed shampoos do not give the desired result.

Rough and damaged hair lower down your beauty, but you must not lose heart. Here we have a number of tips that fit suitable equally to every kind of hair either straight, curly, or dry hair type. Follow these simple hair care routine tips to get shiny healthy and beautiful hair.

 Don’t wash your hair frequently:

Wash your hair after every 2-3days. Washing your hair daily removes the natural hair from your hair. Washing your hair less often helps you to regain the natural shine and luster.

Rinse your hair with lukewarm water:

Washing your hair with too hot water removes the natural oil from hair skin. Therefore it is recommended to use lukewarm water as it helps to open up the cuticles and removes dirt from hair skin. The use of lukewarm water also helps in relaxing the hair muscle.

Open pores of hair skin help to absorb the better effects of conditioner in a better way, and hence enhances the growth of hair.

Do not brush wet hair:

It is recommended do not brush your hair right after washing them. Wet hairs are weaker than dry, thus more chances of break down.

Dry them well and then remove detangles using a wide woody comb. Brushing your hair after drying increases the blood supply and hair growth becomes a batter.

Egg treatment:

Eggs are highly enriched with proteins. Use the whole egg to condition your hair. If you have dry or brittle hair, use egg white to moisturize your hair. It will help soften your hair and fix other hair problems. Mix a complete egg (egg white/ or entire egg) with an oil of your choice. Additionally, you can add yogurt to it.
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Apply this mixture thoroughly on your scalp, it will help you to get soft silky and shiny hairs.
Note: If you get irritated with egg smell you can add a few drops of lemon in the above mixture. The addition of lemon in the above mixture will give extra shine to your hair.

Tea tree oil for hair growth:

Tea tree oil ensures healthy hair growth. If you want to increase hair growthtea tree oil works best when it is mixed with other oils such as coconut, or castor oil. The antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil benefit the scalp for proper growth of hair as the oil effectively deals with hair-related problems.

Tea tree oil can help you with various ailments, such as dandruff and hair loss. It keeps your hair healthy and moisturized, which can help it grow at its normal rate and prevent it from falling out.

Use of honey for Hair Shine:

Honey has soothing properties in it making your hair super soft and shiny. Mix a teaspoon full of honey with some conditioner and apply this mixture to your hair. The mixture will turn your hair soft shiny and help increase hair growth.

It is a natural material that is used as a hair conditioner and helps condition your hair thoroughly. Honey is full of moisturizing properties to help keep your hair conditioned and healthy. Not only this but it also contains plenty of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Don’t dry off your hair with a Towel:

Towel dry is a common way to dry off your hair. Although it is an obvious way to dry off your hair it may not be the last option. Towel drawing sometimes breakdown hair ends.

Therefore experts recommend just squeeze out extra water from your hair by hand and then dry them using a cotton T-shirt, as it is gentler way than towel drawing.

Avoid blow-drying or Heating to Hair:

Heating can damage hair very rapidly. Blow drying or straightening your hair can burn and damage hair mostly. First, try to dry your hair naturally as it is the safest method to dry hair.
Avoid blow drawing
However, if you are in a hurry then, you can use your dryer on the coolest setting (don’t touch that hot setting!), blow your hair dry, keeping the dryer almost 6-inches away from hair at all times and moving it around continuously.

Sleep on silk Pillow:

Silk pillowcases are better than others. The best benefit of using a good silk pillowcase is that it creates less friction on the hair and allows the hair a gentle surface. Using a silk pillow prevents frizziness in hairs.

Silk pillow is recommended over the cotton pillow because a cotton pillow can snag hair and muss it up into a nest of tangles overnight.

 Bottom line:

Although the above-mentioned tips are universally used still there are many other tips that you can use. By using the above-mentioned tips you can get silky, shiny, and hair healthy hair.