What moisturizer do I choose?  Should I use a face mask?  Should I incorporate a product for the eye contour?  At what age should I get a peel?

The answer to any of these doubts has to do largely with age.  Because at each stage of life the skin has different characteristics and needs.

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As a general rule, in adolescence and the first years of youth, hormonal changes favor the formation of acne and excessive oiliness;  while, over the years, the face begins to lose smoothness, luminosity and firmness, and wrinkles appear.

The balance between cosmetic care in the cabinet and comprehensive well-being is essential to maintain the attractiveness of the skin.  A balanced diet, adequate rest, an active lifestyle and the use of sunscreen all affect beauty.


The presence of granites, blackheads and oiliness lead to the initiation of a personalized care.

What are the suitable products?  Balancing cleansing milks and foams, mild soaps, microgranule scrubs, astringent toning lotions with calming plant extracts and lightly textured moisturizing drops.  If the acne is severe, it is essential to consult a dermatologist.

DERMACLINIC RECOMMENDS – Keep the skin clean with a gentle exfoliation.


At this age, the aesthetic objective will be to keep the skin smooth, soft and luminous.  Beyond products for specific cases (acne -which often persists-, rosacea or very sensitive skin), the recommendation is to use an oil-free cleansing milk, a soothing and decongestant tonic, and a hydrating gel  with plant extracts, such as chamomile and cucumber.

In a skin with imperfections, topications with alpha hydroxy acids will be the most appropriate.  They produce the desquamation of the layers of the epidermis and favor the appearance of new tissues.

DERMACLINIC RECOMMENDS – Facial cleansing with a diamond tip and hydration Alchemy.


It is usually a stage of personal modifications and also, in the appearance of the face.  Therefore, the cosmetic routine becomes essential.

THE BEAUTY OF FALL – simple tips of health

Products for skin care: those with antioxidants, responsible for combating the action of free radicals (responsible for aging), and with compounds designed to maintain smoothness.  The presentations in gels, masks and ampoules will be good allies.

DERMACLINIC RECOMMENDS – Chemical peeling in winter and nourishing alchemy to start the summer.


The signs of the passage of time become more evident in this decade.

Therefore, the ideal beauty kit must have restorative, repairing and tightening active ingredients (specific for flaccidity).  Lines with retinol, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, collagen and elastin meet these requirements.

Another essential tip: incorporate specific options for the eye contour and lips.

DERMACLINIC RECOMMENDS – Alchemy anti age and facial radio frequency tensioner.




The drop in the level of hormones typical of this period affects the appearance of the skin.  The complexion loses elasticity and radiance;  wrinkles and flaccidity are accentuated;  and the spots from excess sun become more noticeable.  Then, the selected creams must be made with the most powerful ingredients.

Some alternatives: vitamin C -in charge of neutralizing skin oxidation-, marine DNA -whose function is to absorb moisture- and argireline -indicated to attenuate expression lines.