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What exactly happens to the skin at 30,000 feet and how can we alleviate the damage caused by flight?  We will tell you about the effects that occur, as well as how to keep facial skin healthy and calm during long-distance flights.

The level of humidity that is recorded in a flight is similar to that of a desert.  This causes the skin to dry out severely.  Normally, the skin is said to “feel comfortable” when the humidity of the environment is between 40 and 70 percent, but in most aircraft cabins, the values ​​are around 20 percent, that is,  less than half ideal.  This is the reason why air travel brings visible consequences (irritation and scaly appearance) and serious dehydration of the skin.

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1 – First of all, the consumption of water and the application of products containing hyaluronic acid is essential.  When there is no moisture in the air, moisturizers and face mist do not serve their purpose.  However, a smart option is to use a serum with hyaluronic acid, followed by a moisturizer with ceramides, to create a barrier that keeps the skin moist.  It is important to repeat the process, at frequent intervals, throughout the trip.

2 – You also have to be careful with the chosen diet.  It is the second step.  Inactivity and excessive salt intake can enhance fluid retention and cause facial swelling.  For this problem, special stockings, easy to find at the orthopedic home, can be used to help prevent cramps and control fluid retention.

3 – The third recommendation when flying is to take care of the mucous membranes, because they are prone to drying out.  Nosebleeds, dry lips, itching, and red eyes are some of the unwanted effects.  To improve these complications, it is best to use a little Vaseline for the lips and nose, along with moisturizing eye drops, which can be applied every two hours.

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Respecting the skin care regimen, choosing specific products and taking care of the diet in the air are the three basic tips for a healthy flight without stress.