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 Recognizes hidden health problems


Lead levels in faucets are not new to the industry, but this problem has been addressed.  According to statistics, 70% of consumers do not know how to deal with sewer plumbing.  Using faucets with excessive lead levels can be a heavy killer and threaten family health.  With the rapid advancement of science and technology today, as our lives improve, so do the health risks around us.  Let us know the problem of high lead in faucets and teach you how to choose high quality faucets.

 Identify the dangers of health problems

Today, the world’s most famous and homeowners of faucet products are found in the extra lead.  If people drink lead water contaminated in a pit with a large amount of lead over a long period of time, they will absorb it without the lead in the body, where the lead is absorbed.  heavy steel that cannot be damaged.

 1. Check the problem of too much lead in the faucets

The results showed that in 2013, there were 21 groups of unsuitable products among the 68 of the lead products inspected in Shanghai, and 7 groups of products were tested for the amount of lead and  chromium thigh.  Among them, the heaviest lead can rain at 173 micrograms per liter, which is 34 times higher than the national average.  Compared to previous reviews, lead levels on faucets have increased unnecessarily.

 2. Why does the problem of lead often increase more than the problem of lead?

It is understood that leadership is different from the world and the home.  The United States has specifically enacted an independent law for faucets, stating that the stock price of faucets should not exceed 0.25%.  European and American countries are working hard to legislate.  In my country, the flag for the identification of water dragons did not make a legal claim.  Current standards are only advisory and have not been implemented, which increases the risk of excess lead.

 3. Why does lead rise into the faucet?

Faucets are often made of brass marbles.  In order to keep costs down and improve production, some industries added a large amount of lead to the manufacture and production of copper utensils.  Lead producers can create a film that is resistant to contact with the air, and protect the lead film under a long brush.  The roots may sprout.

At the same time, because chlorine -containing tap water is used as a disinfectant, the residual chlorine in the water increases the aging of the faucet and the precipitation of lead.  Copper faucets and water pipes that have been in regular use for 5 years or more increase the release of lead.

 Fourth, watch out for poison ivy, the best living things

Lead is a heavy metal that can damage human arteries, blood, bones, digestion, reproduction and other systems.  It has been designated one of the carcinogens by the International Cancer Organization.  The dangers of lead poisoning are severe damage to the nervous system, leading to non -response, reduced awareness, and reduced memory.  Lime is bad for children.  The amount of lead ingested by children is 8 times that of the drug lead poisoning.  Lead poisoning can seriously affect the mental and physical development of children.

 Health is important to look at the marketing skills of high quality faucets

We use water every day.  Water health affects the health of our family members, and faucet and water are related.  For safety and health, we need to buy a faucet that is reliable, waterproof and durable while decorating the home.

 1. Look for the signal to be verified

Consumers need to go to the right market and buy reputable brands when buying faucets, so that they can choose the certified products.  Using faucets depends on your family’s health, and you don’t have to be greedy.  There is a logo, make sure to match and instructions after the purchase of the standard faucet box.  Remind everyone to be careful when buying.  In order not to make sure the lead information exceeds the standard, try to choose steel faucets.

 Second, look at the top cover

In order to prevent the faucet from being oxidized, the surface of the faucet should be coated with a layer of nickel or chromium after corrosion.  Nickel or chromium has the function of resisting inefficient hydrochloric acid and preventing the faucet from rotting for a long time.  When shopping, look in a good light.  The faucet has no melting point, no pores, no holes of plating, holes, and stains, and a good product with the same color and no holes and sand.

 3. Inspect the interior design and materials

When buying, you need to ask for directions to understand the interior of the faucet.  The faucet is fitted with a ceramic foam.  This valve is made of highly durable ceramics.  Even at 60 pounds of water pressure, it can be opened and closed tightly and does not leak.  For gaskets, the required silket gasket can withstand the pressure of cold and hot water without leakage.

 Fourth, look at the nature of the faucet switch

After **, look at the concept of product design.  Move the switch a few times to see if the pieces fit together.  When you twist the key, it becomes softer.  If the hand feels astringent or light, it means the combination is not right.  That faucet doesn’t have enough water to use, or water will drip as the water level rises.

 Daily health advice Continuing Support to reduce the risk of major stroke

Due to the chaotic market, it is difficult for consumers to choose non -lead faucets.  In this case, you can take a cleaning and maintenance process to reduce the damage of excess lead in daily use.

 1. Know the availability of water to ensure healthy drinking

Experts suggest that when you turn on the faucet every morning, you can leave it empty for a while, and save water for cleaning the faucet in the pit and mopping the floor.  Because of the water when the faucet is first opened there are a lot of bad things like lead.  For the same reason, a faucet cannot be used for long periods of time for instant drinking.

 2. Over time, more lead will be added.  Constantly changing

Change the pipe frequently.  Today, chlorine is often used as a disinfectant in tap water.  The remaining chlorine concentrations in the water increase the precipitation of lead in the pipe.  Generally speaking, if the ore and copper faucet is used for 5 years or more, the amount of lead will increase significantly.  Therefore, it is recommended that the faucet not be used in the homes of the villagers for long.

 3. Effective cleaning to remove impurities in the surface

If after using it for a while, the effect of the water is reduced, or the water heater is not turned off, it may be that the barrier has been blocked by water and sand.  Now, easily remove the protective cover on the faucet outlet to remove any contaminants.  Generally speaking, cleaning the toilet regularly, once every three months, is better for water quality and the health of the family.

 Fourth, clean the faucet to prevent the outer cover

To prevent the faucet from clogging, use a soft cotton cloth that has been woven into the cleaner.  Do not wash directly with a damp towel to prevent limescale deposits.  Do not wash with burrs to damage the cover.  Avoid contacting the faucet with acid-base liquids.  You can spray a non -abrasive detergent on a soft cloth and gently rinse the faucet.

Fifth, to prevent aging of the cover, use protein insurance

The coated gold plate of the gold product makes it easier to fall off and lose its luster, and the protein can be used to maintain the luster of the plating.  Beat the white eggs with a whisk until slightly crispy, then rinse the faucet with warm water and rinse dry.  Sprinkle with an egg white and gently wipe the gold -plated layer to prevent gloss of the coating.

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