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Many of us live according to routine and take it for the confidence to run our daily life.  Unfortunately, an accident can throw everything off balance.  Whether it’s a car accident, a truck accident, a slip and fall, or an injury at work, accidents can make it difficult to complete even the smallest of tasks.  Sometimes the injuries are devastating or even fatal.

 Personal Injury

Most personal injury claims are based on the theory of negligence.  You will need to show that it is more likely that the defendant was not acting safely in the situation, avoiding unnecessary risk of harm.  This duty of care depends on the circumstances.  If you can establish liability, you can get compensation, such as pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.  While most accidents are caused by negligence, it may be possible in certain circumstances to recover damages based on theories of willful misconduct or recklessness.  You must bring the claim within a certain period of time, known as the limitation period.

 Car accidents

If you are injured in a car accident, you may be able to recover your compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.  Drivers can breach the duty to exercise due care when driving their cars in many different ways, including speeding, texting, drunk driving, fatigue driving and tail tracking.  In Illinois, drivers only need $ 25,000 in liability insurance for personal injury or death, and medical bills are often much higher.  Sometimes drivers drive their cars on the roads without the required insurance.  When an uninsured or underinsured driver causes an accident, you can apply to your own policy from the uninsured or underinsured.  Our personal injury attorneys can guide Chicago residents through any type of claim.

 Truck accidents

Due to the weight and size of trucks, truck accidents can seriously injure many drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles.  Sometimes a truck accident occurs because an interstate truck driver has violated the regulations of the Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA).  However, it is important that you look at all the causes of the accident when determining who to sue for compensation.  The shipping company may have alternate or direct liability, or both.  May be held directly responsible for careless employment, training or supervision.

 Motorcycle accidents

In the event of a collision, there is no bumper between the rider and the larger vehicle.  Unfortunately, motorcyclists can suffer catastrophic or even fatal injuries.  Even if the responsibility for a motorcycle accident seems obvious, the driver of a larger vehicle may indicate the rider is partly or wholly guilty.  Illinois uses a modified version of the comparative negligence.  This means your damage will be reduced by a percentage of your blame and you will not be able to recover it at all if you were at least 50% at fault for your injuries.  Our Chicago lawyers are experienced in fighting these arguments.

 Bicycle accidents

In Illinois, cyclists have the same legal right to travel on the roads as cars and trucks.  Cyclists are often at risk of collisions due to scattered or careless drivers.  In addition, there are many situations where someone in the car opens the car door to the cyclist’s path.  Under the Illinois Vehicle Code, 625 ILCS 5 / 11-1407, no one may open the door of a vehicle on the traffic side unless it is safe enough to do so without interfering with other traffic.  Failure to comply with the vehicle code can be strong evidence of negligence.  If you are injured in a bicycle accident, you may be able to recover compensation from the driver at fault.

 Pedestrian accidents

In Illinois, pedestrians have priority over cars or trucks stopping at a red light or signaling at an intersection with a pedestrian crossing.  The driver of the car is to give way to the pedestrian who has the right of way at the crossing.  It is illegal for a pedestrian to cross the road other than the crossing at an intersection.  Nevertheless, drivers are required to exercise due care to avoid collisions with pedestrians.  Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents turn out to be fatal in many cases.  In this case, the family members of the deceased victim may seek compensation through a claim for wrongful death.  Our personal injury lawyers can represent Chicago families in these difficult situations.

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