Tips for staying healthy as you age

Nonetheless, it’s particularly important as you grow old to concentrate on your wellbeing and make decent lifestyle choices.



“It is important for individuals to have an active part in their wellness beyond disease control and discuss preventative measures with their suppliers, particularly as they age,” explained Mark Wargo, MD, an OSF HealthCare family medicine doctor who specializes in geriatrics, care of elderly adults.

“Occasionally we get too focused on particular diseases, including diabetes, that we do not spend sufficient time on the things such as the daily life of somebody.”


Dr. Wargo was attracted to geriatrics during his profession.


“I invested a great deal of time studying from among the teaching doctors that was a geriatrician, and that I discovered it to be among the most lucrative parts of my coaching,” he explained. “You can discover a great deal about life from speaking with elderly adults. Among the best things about healthcare is fulfilling a great deal of people and getting to know them during the years.”


It is more than DNA


“Diet plays a significant part. A wholesome way of life, such as routine exercise and healthful habits, are significant, also,” he explained. And access to healthcare and regular visits and screenings are essential.”


Eye hygiene and dental hygiene also become more significant as we age.


“Being prepared to participate and play a significant role in your general health is critical.”


When to listen


“People will need to begin focusing on playing an active part in their healthcare and making good lifestyle decisions when they’re young to make healthy habits when they’re older,” Dr. Wargo said.


Guys, women — it does not matter


The fundamentals to staying fit because you age would be exactly the same, whether or not you are man or feminine , ” he explained.

Staying connected


“Social participation is unquestionably significant. The quantity of engagement depends upon the person,” Dr. Wargo said. “Many people today prefer to be occupied all of the time, but some require less. Loneliness is unquestionably a problem for many older adults”


To keep connected, he guides learning exactly what applications can be found in a community to help cultivate a wholesome lifestyle for older adults.


“Regrettably, COVID-19 is altering the landscape and affecting the amount of formal applications accessible, but it does not need to be complex,” Dr. Warg explained. I have patients who meet frequently to go for walks out. Swimming is a superb exercise too for the ones that have access to your pool.


“The principal issue would be to make it a part of your everyday routine and have others which is going to be part of it,” he explained. “it’s a lot easier to stay committed whenever you have somebody else working with you.”

“It is important to keep to keep active emotionally too,” Dr. Wargo said.


“It is not always simple as we go through distinct stages of our life. However, the purpose is to get the mindset of a healthy lifestyle instead of putting if off before tomorrow”

Last suggestion


It is necessary to keep up a connection with your main care provider to remain healthy .

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