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5 tips to take care of your hands every day

The hands tend to be a true reflection of our age and the lifestyle we follow.  At the same time, they are one of the first areas where the passing of the years is perceived.

  But their importance has no equivalent in the treatment we give thm.

The hands are usually the great forgotten in daily care and most often we do not see the need to pamper them until they begin to show an aged appearance, dry out or lose the firmness of youth.

However, they should receive special treatment and be part of our good habits and routines for very obvious reasons.

  Why take care of them

The first reason is that the hands are always in sight, and are, along with the face, one of the areas most continuously exposed to external aggressions.  These basically come from the environment, such as the sun, cold, heat and changes in temperature, or from contact with substances or chemicals.  The result is that, over time, all this results in roughness to the touch and rough, dry skin.

The second reason lies in the characteristics of the hands: their skin is especially thin and fragile.  If neglected, consequences may appear, such as dark spots on the skin.

  How to properly care for them

To have smooth hands and avoid premature skin aging, we must remember these basic tips

Use mild soaps that respect the pH of the skin when washing our hands.  It must be borne in mind that this action is a daily activity, so it is essential to choose well a soap that adapts to the conditions of our skin.  In addition, you do not have to wash your hands very often, and we should always try to do it with medium temperatures, that is, cold or warm water, as hot water causes dehydration.  Drying is also important, since humidity is one of the worst enemies of the hands.  It should be done carefully and gently, until they are completely dry.

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Moisturize your hands as often as possible, ideally 3 or 4 times a day and a minimum of two, one in the morning and one before going to sleep.  The moisturizing cream must be applied with a gentle massage over the entire hand, including the fingers, to activate the circulation of the entire area.

It must be a special cream for hands and it is recommended to always apply at the end of the day because the night rest allows the skin to absorb the nutrients and improve its appearance.

Use sunscreen on your hands to prevent premature aging and blemishes caused by continuous sun exposure, not only during the summer, but also throughout the rest of the year.

Try to always wear gloves when doing housework, ideally rubber ones.  In this simple way, we will prevent detergent, soap and dirt from drying out the skin.

Perform an exfoliation of the hands once a week to remove dead skin cells that accumulate on the outer layer and which tend to cause an unpleasant sensation of roughness.

Because for proper hand hygiene, soap and water are not enough and with exfoliation, our hands will acquire a soft and rejuvenated appearance.

It is also advisable to do manicures regularly, to take care of hands and nails, and to achieve smooth skin.  Including proteins and vitamins E and B in our diet is a good way to help achieve strong nails and healthy, hydrated skin.  On the other hand, we must also bear in mind that in winter you have to take other additional measures to take care of your hands.

 What to do about the feeling of cold hands

When the outside temperature is pleasant, feeling cold hands can be a symptom of poor circulation in the extremities.  This is an imbalance that must be treated correctly and before which these remedies can be followed:

  •  Massage your hands with an oil that provides heat.
  •  Drink hot drinks.
  •  Exercise to activate circulation.
  •  Warm your hands with natural fabrics.
  •  Anyway, its cause can also be some disease, so it is advisable to consult with the doctor.
  •  Good hand hydration… and body

If until now we have talked about the importance of taking care of the hands, now we want to expand the field of vision and talk about the skin, the largest organ in the body and which has among its main functions to act as a protective barrier.

To keep it in perfect condition, and as with your hands, you have to ensure good hydration.  To achieve this, we must drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water a day, follow a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, rest the necessary hours, between 7 and 8, as well as use lotions or moisturizers.  In this way we will achieve healthy and radiant skin, and we will prevent dehydration from causing a lack of vitality and skin wrinkles.