Best Otc For Runny Nose

best otc for runny nose

Best Otc For Runny Nose

best otc for runny nose
general considerations in the common cold
Effective treatment methods
Ineffective treatments
Remedial approaches
complications of the common cold

Common cold is called a cold or cold, and colds can be defined as a viral infection that affects the upper respiratory tract, and based on the statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (English: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) it has been found that children are infected  Colds have up to 12 times per year, while adults have colds approximately two to three times a year, so colds are the most common infectious disease, and it is worth noting that there are more than two hundred types of viruses that cause the common cold,  The most famous of all is a virus  Rona or Coronavirus and Rhinovirus, and considering the period in which the common cold is contagious, it can be said that this period is before the onset of symptoms until their disappearance, and it is worth noting that the virus that causes it is transmitted by coughing,  Sneezing, or touching the surfaces on which the injured man’s feet were found.

General considerations in the common cold

 Effective treatment methods

Often the period of catching a common cold is approximately one to two weeks, but it is worth the patient to accept the matter and not feel resentment, in addition to the importance of following the following treatment advice:

Refrain from drinking alcohol, coffee, and caffeinated drinks in general, because of the worsening of dehydration, while taking care of water and juice, especially with honey, to help relieve congestion and prevent dehydration.
Take enough rest to help the patient recover from the disease.
Rinsing the mouth with saline solution prepared by placing a quarter to half a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. It is worth noting that this matter may be difficult to achieve in children under six years of age.  As all these measures contribute to relieving the pain of truth.

Take appropriate over-the-counter pain relievers, acetaminophen is recommended only for those six months and under, while acetaminophen or ibuprofen is recommended for those over the month.  Six years of age, parents should ask the specialist about the correct dose that should be given depending on the child’s weight and age. As for adults, they can take acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin (English: Aspirin).

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Make sure to eat more hot drinks, such as chicken and tea soups, because of their role in relieving congestion.
Use humidifiers to keep the room hydrated and help relieve congestion.
Take over-the-counter coughs and colds such as decongestants and cough suppressants, but it is worth paying attention to the doses given and other health conditions that a person may suffer from, and it is worth noting that these drugs do not  It is given only in cases where the victim has completed five years of age and over.

Ineffective treatments

Best Otc For Runny Nose

There are some medicines that people think that their use might work in cases of colds, but in reality, these drugs do not show any effect, and on the contrary, they may harm the person, including antibiotics, as these medicines work to eliminate bacteria.  It is not viruses, and therefore it can be said that the use of antibiotics in cases of colds is not correct, colds are caused by exposure to viruses as we mentioned earlier, and therefore the use of antibacterials is not correct, and besides, the use of antibiotics without their need to resist muffles  They see it in the future.

 medial approaches

There are a few treatment options that conflicted opinions about the benefits of their use in treating the common cold, and some of them are described below  Best Otc For Runny Nose

Vitamin C: Actually taking vitamin C does not prevent the common cold most of the time, but it may reduce the duration of the cold itself if it is taken before the symptoms appear.
Echinacea: The results of studies differed on the benefit of using the Cinnamon to treat colds, and some claim that the Cinnamon does not help to prevent or treat the common cold, while others claim that its use may help in reducing the duration or seriousness of the disease, and perhaps what  The difference in the studies explains the results of the existence of several types of tinkery, and these studies did not use the same type of it, and it is worth noting that the doctor should be asked before using it, given the possibility of its interaction with other medications that a person takes.
Zinc: (Zinc): Some studies claim that the use of zinc within the first 24 hours of the onset of symptoms may be very effective, and others deny this, but it is worth noting that some side effects may appear when using zinc, so it can be said that it is necessary to consult  Doctor before using zinc for the common cold.

Best Otc For Runny Nose

Often the patient heals from the common cold without suffering from the appearance of any of the complications, but in some cases the viral infection may spread to the sinuses, chest, or ears, and consequently the appearance of some complications, including the following:

 Ear infection,
 Chest infection.
 Sore throat caused by streptococcus bacteria