Best summer health tips idea | Summer tips

Summer is the most healthy and growing season of the year. The sun shines brightly and everything gets full energy from the sun. In hot and long summer days fruits and vegies get ripe. Sunny sky and warm and hot temperatures make the environment more enjoyable.


Best summer health tips idea| Summer tips

The golden sunny rays when fall on flowers, leaves, fruits, and vegetables enhances their beauty. Some people like summer season because of its long and hot days, but at the same time, some others don’t like it for some reason.
Along with all benefits, summer brings several problems-skin, hair, and health problems with it like sunburn, dehydration, etc. Here we will enlist some of the best summer health tips to make your summer season more joy able.

Summer Health Care Tips #1
Keep yourself hydrated:

Dehydration occurs when your body uses more liquid than you take in. In this condition, your body limits the amount of water and disturbs the normal functionality of the body. Your body becomes less with water and you are known as dehydrated.

Dry mouth, eyes, and hands, dry skin, nearly stop sweating, vomiting, and muscle cramps, etc.

· Drink plenty of water
· Eat fruits with an excessive amount of water
· Cut off with caffeine and alcoholic products

Summer Health Care Tips #2


Heatstroke also known as sunstroke is a condition of overheating of the body. It usually occurs when prolonged exposure to heat. Most of the time it occurs in people with 50 plus age.
This is a very serious problem and immediate first aid is required for it.


Different symptoms arise but the most common are
· Headache
· Dizziness
· Red and dry skin
· Unconsciousness

Take a shower as soon as possible.
Drink plenty of water.
During the summer season try to wear light-colored clothes.

Summer Health Care Tips #3

Skin is a very sensitive part of the body. In hot summer days, direct exposure to heat causes redness on the skin. To avoid such conditions always apply sunscreen with SPF 30 before going out.

Avoid direct contact with the sun. Always wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen before going out.

Summer Health Care Tips #4

During summer, days are long and hot. During these long sunny days, direct exposure to the sun can cause different health problems. One of the major issues of long sunny days is sunburn.

Sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation in it. These radiations are very harmful to skin and cause sunburn i.e. redness of the skin.

Try to wear light-colored dresses during long sunny days.
Try to stay at home between 10 am to 4 pm.
Drink plenty of water to overcome the heating effect.

Summer Health Care Tips #5

Foot infection:
Excessive sweating during summer causes humidity that can increase the chances of foot infection in some people. For such kind of infection wash out your feet and affected the area thoroughly and apply medicated ointment as soon as possible.

Several antibacterial powders and ointments are available in the medical store. Properly use them according to your doctor’s recommendation. Before applying any ointment properly wash out the affected area.

Summer Health Care Tips #6
Seasonal fruits and vegetables:
During this age of technology, almost every kind of fruit and vegetables are available throughout the year. But consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables are like fun and have charm and benefits associated with it.

The best summer fruits are mango, oranges plum and watermelon et al. Try to enjoy these seasonal fruits to get hydrated. These fruits are also a rich source of essential minerals and vitamins to keep healthy.

Summer Health Care Tips #7

Choose fresh juice over cold drinks:
Excessive intake of cold drinks is considered to be hazardous for health. Long and hot days of summer make us thirsty very often. To fill out your thirst always try to choose natural drinks.

During hot sunny days prefer fresh juice over cold drinks. Fresh juices boost your metabolism and help you to fight against different diseases naturally.

Summer Health Care Tips #8
Hygiene is the key to a healthy body:
Thoroughly washing and randomly cleaning your hands is very important to remove dirt and kill out germs from your body. Washing hand is a good habit and during summer days excessive sweating may produce germs.

Always hygiene fruits and vegetables before eating. All the fruits and vegetables are covered with an excessive amount of chemicals. These chemicals are hazardous to health. So, always wash them before use.

Summer Health Care Tips #9
Get swimming!
The best option to get rid of the hot summer and rush sweating is to have a swimming lesson. During hot and long summer days, swimming gives your body a relaxing touch. Swimming helps your body to burn maximum calories as well.

Best summer health tips idea| Summer tips
Best summer health tips idea| Summer tips



Swimming for 10 to 20 minutes a day kills almost 400 calories, and give your body more energetic touch. If swimming lesson is not of your interest, then try some other exercise to stay active and healthy during summer.

Summer Health Care Tips #10
Protect your hair
Direct contact of hair with the sun can damage hair. It turns your hair dry and frizzy. To keep your hair protected and to keep moisture lock in your hair try to cover your hair during summer and cut out direct contact of hair with the sun.

Try to apply hair cream in your hair to keep moisture lock-in them before washing them and do proper conditioning to your hairs.

Summer Health Care Tips #11

Take up a new hobby
Summer brings a lot of fantasy with it. To enjoy your summer try to opt for a hobby. Different people opt for different hobbies according to their taste.

But I ‘ll Recommend to go with gardening this summer. Because during gardening your eyes get in touch with natural greenery that strengthens the eye side.

Along with this during gardening, if you find any leisure time or get bored with this activity you can try some other exercises like yoga to keep your self physically fit.
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