Malignancy torment: Relief is conceivable -simple health tips


Malignancy torment: Relief is conceivable

Malignancy torment: Relief is conceivable 

Not every person with the disease has malignancy torment, but rather some do. On the off chance that you have a disease that is spread or repeated, your possibility of having torment is higher. 

Malignancy torment takes numerous structures. It very well may be dull, throbbing, sharp, or consuming. It tends to be consistent, irregular, gentle, moderate, or extreme. How much torment you feel relies upon various components, including the sort of disease you have, how best in class it is, the place where it’s arranged, and your agony resilience. 

Most malignant growth torment is sensible, and controlling your agony is a fundamental piece of your treatment. 

What causes disease torment? 

Agony can be brought about by the actual malignancy. Torment could occur if the malignant growth develops into or annihilates close-by tissue. As a tumor develops, it can press on nerves, bones, or organs. The tumor can likewise deliver synthetics that can cause torment. 

Therapy of the disease can help the torment in these circumstances. Nonetheless, malignant growth therapies, including a medical procedure, radiation, and chemotherapy, likewise can cause torment. 

How would you treat malignancy torment? 

Malignancy torment: Relief is conceivable

Various therapies are accessible for malignancy torment. Your choices may rely upon what’s causing your malignancy torment and the power of the torment you’re feeling. You may require a mix of torment medicines to locate the most help. 

Choices include: 

Over-the-counter torment relievers. For gentle and moderate degrees of torment, torment relievers that don’t need a remedy may help. Models incorporate anti-inflammatory medicine, acetaminophen (Tylenol, others), and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others). 

Prescriptions got from opium (narcotics). Narcotics are professionally prescribed drugs used to get moderate serious torment. Instances of narcotics incorporate morphine (Kadian, Ms. Contin, others) and oxycodone (Oxycontin, Roxicodone, others). 

Fiberglass from Skin

Some narcotics are short-acting medications, so help with discomfort comes rapidly however you may have to take them all the more frequently. Other narcotic medications are long-acting prescriptions, so relief from discomfort takes longer yet the medication shouldn’t be taken as regularly. Some of the time short-acting and long-acting narcotics are utilized together. 

Other physicians recommended drugs. Different sorts of medication can help ease torment, including antidepressants, hostile to seizure medications, and steroids. 

Strategies to obstruct torment signals. A nerve block methodology can be utilized to prevent torment signals from being shipped off the cerebrum. In this technique, a desensitizing medication is infused around or into a nerve. 

Integrative treatments. A few groups discover some relief from discomfort through needle therapy, knead, active recuperation, unwinding activities, contemplation, and spellbinding. 

Different medicines might be accessible for your specific circumstance. In certain spots, it very well might be legitimate to utilize clinical pot for malignant growth torment. 

All torment drugs have results. Work with your primary care physician to comprehend the advantages and dangers of each agony treatment and how to deal with the results. Together you can choose which medicines might be best for you. 

What are a few explanations behind not getting sufficient therapy for malignant growth torment? 

Lamentably malignancy torment is regularly undertreated. Numerous elements can add to that, some of which include: 

The hesitance of specialists to get some information about agony or offer medicines. Medical care experts ought to get some information about torment at each visit. A few specialists don’t think enough about torment treatment. All things considered, demand a reference to a palliative consideration or agony trained professional. 

Given current worries about narcotic use and misuse, numerous specialists may be hesitant to recommend these drugs. Keeping a nearby working relationship with your disease experts is vital for legitimate utilization of these drugs. 

The hesitance of individuals to specify their torment. A few groups would prefer not to “trouble” their PCPs, or they dread that the agony implies the malignant growth is deteriorating. Others are concerned their PCPs will consider them whiners or that they can’t manage the cost of torment meds. 

The dread of dependence on narcotics. The danger of dependence for individuals with the cutting-edge disease who take torment prescriptions as coordinated for malignant growth torment is low. 

Perceiving stress overload: simple health tips

You may build up a capacity to bear your torment drug, which implies you may require a higher portion to control your agony. Resilience isn’t enslavement. If your medicine isn’t filling in just as it once talked, to your primary care physician about a higher portion or an alternate medication. Try not to expand the portion all alone. 

The dread of results. A few groups dread being drowsy, being not able to impart, acting peculiarly, or being viewed as reliant on meds. You may have these results when you begin taking solid agony drugs, yet they regularly resolve once your PCPs locate the right degree of torment meds for you and once you accomplish a consistent degree of torment medication in your body. 

How might you assist your PCP with understanding your malignant growth torment? 

On the off chance that the torment meddles with your life or is tireless, report it. It may assist with monitoring your agony by writing down: 

How extreme the torment is 

What sort of torment (cutting, dull, pain-filled) you have 

Where you feel the agony 

What welcomes on the torment 

What aggravates the torment or better 

What relief from discomfort estimates you use, like prescription, rub, and hot or cold packs, how they help, and any results they cause 

Utilizing an agony rating scale from 0 to 10 — with 0 being no torment and 10 being the most exceedingly terrible torment possible — might assist you with announcing your torment to your primary care physician. 

What steps would you be able to take to guarantee you’re accepting satisfactory malignancy torment treatment? 

To start with, converse with your PCP or medical care supplier about your torment. 

Second, you and your primary care physician can set an objective for torment the board and screen the achievement of the treatment. Your primary care physician should follow the agony with a torment scale, surveying how solid it is. The objective ought to be to keep you agreeable. If you’re not happy, converse with your primary care physician. 

In case you’re not finding the solutions you need, demand a reference to an office talented being taken care of by torment. All significant disease habitats have tormented the board programs. The meds and treatment for torment are by and large covered by standard protection.

Healthy food: List of Healthy food

A portion of healthy food is responsible to maintain overall health. Healthy food together with physical activities helps you to enjoy a healthy life. In a situation like COVID 19, it becomes very difficult for everyone to maintain a healthy life. In this pandemic situation, one should fill his/her body with a healthy diet to support a healthy immune system.



There is a variety of food which one can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Filling up your belly with a quality portion of protein, nutrients, vitamins, and cereals can give you a healthy life. Healthy food is not only delicious to eat but it is eye-catching as well at the same time.
Healthy Fruits:
Not all fruits are created with the same benefits. Here is a list of most healthy fruits to maintain a healthy lifestyle:
  • Apple:
There is a well known saying that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. It is very common overall in the world and is very beneficial for a healthy contains a portion of calcium and Vitamin D, therefore, it is considered to improve bone health.
It is used over time as a weight-loss tool. At the same time, it is a good source of fibres.
  • Grapefruit:
Grapefruit is a fibrous fruit that is full of nutrition. It boosts your immune system.
it is considered to control high blood pressure hence control heart diseases. It controls appetite and acts as an antioxidant.
Healthy food: List of Healthy food
Recameded also red

  • Avocado:
Avocado is the most healthy fruit of all is rich in vitamin B, vitamin K, and, at the same time Vitamin E and Vitamin C.unlike other fruits, it provides the body with healthy fats.
A portion of avocado can provide the maximum amount of potassium to your body.
  • Pineapple:
Pineapples are rich sources of vitamin C and fibres. They act as antioxidants and play a vital role to Boost up your immune system. As it is an antioxidant therefore it cures you against different diseases like cancer and heart diseases.
  • Pomegranate:
Pomegranate is filled with many beneficial nutrients. It protects against heart diseases and cancer. At the same time, it protects your body against obesity and diabetes.
  • Oranges:
Oranges are goods sources of Vitamin C. They are high in fibre and act as antioxidants.
Other fruits:
All the fruits are not only sweeter but at the same time very helpful for a healthy life. They include mango, cherries, apricot, melon, pineapple, etc.
Meat is considered a rich source of vitamins and proteins. At the same time, it is considered as a rich source of minerals.
Healthy food: List of Healthy food

There is a variety of meat which has different advantages.
  • Beef meat:
Beef meat is a big source of protein and Minerals. It is a big source of L carnitine. L-carnitine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the meat. it has various positive impacts on health issues.
  • Camel meat:
Camel meat is one of the biggest sources of protein and contains lower fat and lower cholesterol in it. like other red meat, it contains a high amount of calcium magnesium potassium and other bodily nutrients.
  • Chicken breast:
Chicken meat is a big source of protein. It controls the amino acid levels in the body which may be harmful if the level is too high.
Eggs are the richest source of protein. Most of the portion of protein is present in egg white. Together with protein and other essential nutrients eggs play a vital role in healthy living.
Healthy food: List of Healthy food

Healthy nuts:
 Nuts are the biggest source of fats, proteins, and fibres. Along with these benefits they also contain omega 3 and omega 6. Both omega 6 and omega 3 play a vital role in healthy growth and development.
  • Almonds:
Almonds are a healthy source of fats, proteins, and fibres, and hence considered a healthy diet. Almonds are usually considered brain and eye diet. As they are a rich source of vitamin E they sharpen the memory.
  • Peanuts:
Peanuts like other nuts are full of proteins, fibres, and vitamins. It contains a huge amount of phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium and at the same time, it is very high in calories.
  • Pistachios:
  Pistachio is a dry fruit which is full of health is considered an antioxidant. It contains a high amount of protein with low calories. At the same time, it helps in lowering blood sugar.
Healthy vegetables:
There are a lot of vegetables which are very helpful for a healthy lifestyle. Leafy green vegetables are considered more beneficial.
Not all the vegetables are created with the same benefits or with equal benefits.
 Here is a list of most  healthy vegetable:
  • Spinach:
Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is considered the most healthy vegetable on the planet. It is rich in Vitamin A Vitamin C and Vitamin K. In addition to these, it is also a rich source of magnesium iron and magnesium. Eating leafy green vegetables may reduce health issues, like high blood pressure and eyesight problems.
  • Carrots:
Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A. It also proves very helpful in eyesight problems due to the high amount of vitamin A in it.studies have shown that eating carrots may reduce the risk of cancer in drug-addicted persons.
  • Garlic:
Garlic has a variety of health benefits. For a very long time, it is used as a medicinal plant. It is used to reduce blood sugar and different heart diseases. It can also control blood cholesterol levels.
This vegetable is rich in nutrients and protein. Kale belongs to the cabbage family. Mostly it is used to build and repair muscles because it contains a high amount of protein.
Dairy Products:
Dairy products are a rich source of calcium. They strengthen the bones very effectively. Different dairy products include yoghurt and milk.
Dairy products are equally beneficial for both kids and youngers.


Trigger Veg adds a ton of flavor to any recipe, but it doesn’t add much to your back.  Onions contain anthocyanins, which boost blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels, in addition to minerals and oils that help break down fats and speed up your metabolism.  Research shows that a diet rich in onions can also boost your mood, regulate your sleep and reduce your risk of cancer.

Overall all the natural produce vegetables, fruits and grains are very beneficial for health.


Amazing Uses Of Almond Oil

Amazing Uses Of Almond Oil

Almonds have proved to be very useful in health as well as beauty. Almond oil is very cheap on the pocket including enhancing your beauty. You can get the best results by using this oil instead of your 8 expensive beauty products.
According to nutritionists, the use of dried fruits is very useful for both health and beauty, but almonds are superior to all others. In terms of nutrition, 100 grams of almonds contain 579 calories, 21.15 grams of protein, 49.93 grams of fat. Contains 21.55 grams of carbohydrates, 12.50 grams of fiber, 4.35 grams of sugar.

How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain

In terms of vitamins and minerals, almonds are rich in 269 mg of calcium, 3.17 mg of iron, 270 mg of magnesium, 481 mg of force, 733 mg of potassium and 25.63 mg of vitamin E.

According to experts, almonds are a completely nutritious fruit, the use of which enhances overall health and beauty. How to use almonds to enhance beauty?

Almond oil is the best natural moisturizer
Due to the omega 3 fatty acids found in almond oil, it is an excellent natural moisturizer which is very useful for hair and face. Applying a few drops of almond oil on the face daily makes the complexion whiter and clearer. Harmful skin also helps to rejuvenate the skin.

Makeup remover
Use almond oil instead of expensive make-up with expensive chemical moisturizers, apply almond oil all over your face and massage lightly with your hands and after wiping your face with wet wipe or tissue for a good fee. Wash with a wash, this way you will save money and the skin will not dry out.

The use of omega-3 acids and vitamin A can protect the skin from wrinkles. Almond oil contains both of these ingredients in large quantities. Before going to bed at night, apply almond oil on the face and neck for a few weeks. I will make your skin look beautiful young.

Under eye cream
Many cosmetic companies make under-eye creams that claim to eliminate tourist circles around the eyes, but even after paying a hefty low price, the problem persists, with almond oil causing the problem. There is also a solution, its use removes the complaint of tourist circles and eye bags around the eyes.

People who suffer from chapped and dry lips even in summer including winter should definitely try almond oil once instead of beauty products. Vitamin E in almond oil is very useful for the lips, it is also a cheap solution. And treatment.

Helps to remove blemishes
Almond oil, which is rich in vitamin E, helps to heal acne, pimples, scars, blemishes and new skin cells.

The most expensive sunscreen lotions on the market are available, but no one seems to be satisfied with their use. Almond oil naturally protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, ie to protect it from the sun’s rays, ie ‘ultraviolet rays’. So when you go out of the house, apply 2 to 3 drops of almond oil on your face. After 15 minutes, place a cotton cloth on the skin and press it lightly so that the excess oil is absorbed in the cloth. Now you can go out without fear.
All-in-one oil for hair beauty

Remove Fiberglass from Skin

Expensive treatments are taken from beauty parlors to make the hair silky, smooth, smooth and beautiful, but in a short time money is wasted and the health of the hair becomes worse than before.
Make it a habit to use almond oil for long, shiny, thick and tangled hair. For best results, massage almond oil twice a week from the roots to the ends of the hair and apply it on the scalp for 30 minutes. Wrap a towel soaked in warm water, shampoo your hair after 30 minutes, the best results will surprise you.

how to remove fiberglass skin

Fiberglass is a self-made product, used for filtration and insulation since the 1930s. In modern times, shower stalls, bathtubs, kayaks, boot halls and many more are made of fiberglass. When you look at, trim, or handle fiberglass, tiny fibers enter the skin of your hands and arms, causing itching.

Is this an emergency?
If you are experiencing severe medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

Be careful not to drag your shirt over your arms or hands. Pressure on the skin can put pieces of fiberglass deeper into your skin, making it more difficult to remove.

Fiberglass from Skin

Insert your shower and turn on the hot water and a small amount of cold water. Stand by the stream of water for several minutes. The purpose is to steam the attached area without getting your hands and arms wet. Steam opens your holes and increases the chances of it breaking.

Adjust the water to a comfortable temperature and return to the stream. Let the water run with your arms and hands. If any breakage as a result of steam is loosened, this step will rinse them.

Add natural soap to a coarse loaf and gently brush the skin on your hands and arms. Don’t stress, because doing so will eliminate any remaining savings. Rinse your hands and arms with water to remove the soap.

How to Build the Best Skin Care

Turn off the water and dry your hands and arms by lightly pressing a towel against the skin. Do not pull the towel.

Wear a loose-fitting, sleeveless shirt. If you’re still irritated, skip to the next section.

Paste baking soda
Add 1/2 cup baking soda to a bowl.

Add a small amount of water. Mix baking soda and water with your fingers into the paste. If the paste is too dry and powdery, add more water. If the paste is too sour, add more baking soda.

Apply the paste to the itchy areas on your hands or arms.

Let the paste dry for 25 to 30 minutes. When the paste dries, do not try to move your hands or bend your wrists. Powder fiberglass splinters will tighten around the exposed parts of the 2⭐

This is a verified and trusted source

Sustainable Businesses: Fiberglass Health Risk Information

Goto source

This is a verified and trusted source

Illinois Department of Public Health: Fiberglass Fact Sheet

Goto source .

Remove dry baking soda from your skin. Any fiberglass splinter attached to the paste will come out and rinse.


To avoid future irritation, remove your clothes and grooves from your arms and hands immediately after working with fiberglass.

Powder your skin before working with fiberglass. Powder can prevent fibers from entering your skin.


If you have fiberglass on your hands, do not cover your nose, mouth, ears or eyes.

Fiberglass is a self-made product, used for filtration and insulation since the 1930s. Stand by the stream of water for several minutes. Add natural soap to a coarse loaf and gently brush the skin on your hands and arms. If you’re still irritated, skip to the next section. If the paste is too dry and powdery, add more water. Any fiberglass splinter attached to the paste will come out and rinse.

Fiberglass is all around you. Fiber wool or glass wool is used for heat and sound insulation. It is found everywhere in things like planes, boats, curtains, construction materials and some plastics. The hard and very thin wires found in fiberglass are mostly made of glass in combination with other materials such as wool. These sliders can be very annoying if they come under your skin. If you are going to work around fiberglass, you should know how to get rid of any annoying odors. [1]

Method 1 of 3:
Using tape

Good lighting and a magnifying glass available. Increase your chances of successfully removing the slivers in a good area. Thin fiberglass fiber is a white or light yellow color. They can be difficult to get into your skin.

Find a roll of heavy, sticky tape. You want a tape like duct tape or electrical tape, which will not tear when pulled. You also want a tape that has a lot of glue to stick to the fiberglass splinters.

Do not wash the affected area. This technique works best if the tape can get a firm grip on fiberglass splinters. The fiberglass stitches will soften and harden the water out of your skin.

Press the tape firmly on the area (s) with the fiberglass slicers. Hold the tape in your hand for several minutes. Make sure the tape makes good contact with your skin and break the fiberglass.

If you can, move the tape in a smooth motion. Suddenly or inadvertently tearing the tape can take some of the skin off or cause a wound. This will make it even more difficult to remove fiberglass slicers. Tighten the tape as close to your skin as possible and peel and remove it from your skin. You must repeat this step several times.
Remember that the tape you are using is not soft on your skin. So, you have to take extra care to eliminate it.

Check the area under a light or magnifying glass to make sure all the fiberglass is gone. Gently rub this area with clean hands to feel for any sharpness or tenderness. This could be a sign that you still have fiberglass in the area.

After all fiberglass is finished, wash the area with soap and water. Dry the abdominal area. Apply antibiotic ointment such as nesopurin to prevent infection. [2]
Bacteria or germs are common on the outer layer of our skin. However, points made in your skin by fiberglass splinters can allow germs or bacteria to go under the skin, which can lead to skin infections.

Method 2 of 3:
Cutting fiberglass slicers
# 1
Wash your hands with soap and water. Most people have germs and germs on their skin. However, these germs can cause infections if they get under the skin through nicks made by fiberglass splinters.
If you have fiberglass sliders, skip this step. You don’t want to push sliders deep into your skin.

# 2
Gently clean the area you are treating with soap and water. Fiberglass splinters tend to break down. You don’t want them to break under the skin or get deeper into your skin. []] Clean the area by pouring soapy water on it, but do not rub or clean the area. You can force deep fibers into your skin.
Pour water into any container, rub the soap between your wet hands, and dip your hands in the water. Repeat until the water becomes soapy. If your hands are the affected area, have someone touch your l. It has to work.

The same germs that you have on your hands are on the skin around the fiberglass slider. Once you are trying to remove the slivers, there is a risk of infection if the germs get under the skin.

Clean your tweezers and sharp needle by rubbing alcohol. Find fine-grained tongs to make it easier to catch the fibers. Bacteria are found on everything we use. Alcohol eliminates these germs so you don’t put them under the skin when you try to remove a fiberglass splitter.

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how to remove fiberglass skin

Numbness in hands

Numbness in Hands


Some people suddenly suffer from numbness in their hands and feet and this causes them pain and an inability to perform many functions, and the problem in this case is that numbness affects hands and feet together, which makes the patient in a state of partial paralysis, what is the reason for numbness that affects them and how is it treated

 Hands numbness

 The reason for tingling hands is due to:
 Vitamin B deficiency; this deficiency causes numbness in the hands, and can be treated by compensating for the deficiency of vitamin B through injection or pills.
 The presence of problems in the spine, which is the place where the origin of the nerves in the body is located, and therefore there may be pressure on the nerves of the hands.
 Numbness can be an indication of diabetes, so it is important to do blood tests necessary to confirm whether or not you have diabetes.
 Anemia, which is anemia, and anemia generally cause numbness of the hands, so it is important to do the necessary blood tests to find out the hemoglobin level in the blood.
 The reason for this can be a strain in the muscles and bones of the neck as a result of the nature of work or the way you walk or sit, so it is important to see a doctor and procedures for pictures of the neck.
 Take some prescription drugs for which numbness is a side effect, and these include those that are related to nerves and blood vessels.
 Shrink in vitamin D, or a reversal of important acids in the body.
 Stroke, as the amount of blood flowing to the brain decreases.
 Elbow inflammation as a result of tendon rupture.
 The presence of water bags in the knots of the hands, which are non-cancerous bags that grow in both nerves and tendons.
 Acute neuritis syndrome.
 Inflammation of the nerves, which may affect the nerves of the extremities and cause an imbalance in the control of the nerves of the body.

 Feet numbness

 The reasons for tingling the feet are due to:
 Women wear heels for long periods.
 Or stand for hours and never move the feet.
 Stroke: the amount of blood flowing to the brain decreases and can affect nerves in the feet.
 Vitamin B deficiency; this deficiency causes numbness in the hands, and it can be treated by compensating for the vitamin B deficiency through injection or pills, a vitamin D deficiency, or a deficiency in important acids for the body.
 Numbness can be an indication of diabetes, so it is important to do blood tests necessary to confirm whether or not you have diabetes.
 The presence of problems in the spine, which is the place where the origin of the nerves in the body, and therefore there may be pressure on the nerves of the feet.
 Take some prescription drugs for which numbness is a side effect, and these include those that are related to nerves and blood vessels.
 In the end, the doctor’s review avoids speculation, from which the person knows the reason for this and the appropriate treatment for him.
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heel stretch , heel pin

heel stretch
Causes of heel numbness

1 heel numbness
2 causes of heel numbness
3 Diagnosis of heel numbness
4 References

Foot heel numbness

Numbness is described as a loss of sensation or feeling of one part of the body, which is often accompanied or associated with another set of sensations, such as feeling pins, needles or burning in place, and numbness can occur along one nerve of the body in one part, or occurs in a ratio Similar on both sides heel stretch ,
and numbness in the foot can occur temporarily or as a result of a chronic disorder, such as diabetes, as the presentation may be evolutionary, and a person may begin to gradually lose feeling in his foot over time, and in such a case it may be requested Health care to reduce the speed or delay of disease.

Causes of heel stretch
There are several reasons that can lead to feeling numbness in the feet, which includes the following:

Injuries: Exposure to the trunk, spine, legs, ankles, or feet can cause injury to nerves, and numbness of the feet and legs.

Diabetes: Some diabetics suffer from a type of nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy, heel stretch
which may result in numbness, or numbness and pain in the feet, and pain may reach the legs if the damage is severe.
Lower back and sciatica problems: Lower back problems such as exposure to fractures, or hernia in the discs of the spine, cause pressure on the nerves connecting to the legs, leading to numbness or sensory disturbances, while sciatica is defined as irritation of the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back To the legs, and if this nerve is subjected to pressure or irritation it causes numbness in the legs or feet.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: the carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the nerve extending from the posterior part of the leg through the inner part of the ankle to the foot is subjected to pressure or damage.

Peripheral artery disease: Peripheral artery disease causes narrowing of blood arteries in the legs, arms and stomach, which reduces the amount of blood that pumps and reduces blood flow, and legs are the most parts of the body that are affected by peripheral artery disease, and people with peripheral artery disease suffer from pain, spasms and numbness In the feet, these symptoms can fade after several minutes of rest.

Tumors and abnormal growth: tumors, cysts, and non-cancerous growth can put pressure on the brain, spinal cord, and other parts of the legs and feet, and this pressure limits blood flow to the legs and feet, which causes numbness in the feet.
Drinking alcohol: The toxins in alcohol cause nerve damage, which leads to numbness, especially in the feet.

Multiple sclerosis: people with multiple sclerosis suffer from damage to the sensory nerves, which can result in numbness or numbness in the entire extremities.

Positioning: Some positions can cause pressure on the nerves or reduce blood flow in the lower part of the limbs, leading to temporary numbness in the legs or feet. Some of the habits that cause numbness in the feet include the following:

Put the legs in the cross position for a long time.

Sitting or kneeling for long periods.
Sit on the foot.

Wear tight shoes, pants or socks.

How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain – Expert Advice

Diagnosis of heel numbness

When visiting a doctor to seek help in the event of numbness of the feet or even hands, the doctor will conduct a physical examination, ask about the medical history of the patient, determine the symptoms he is suffering from, and ask about the work environment, social habits, exposure to toxins, and the risk of HIV infection , And various other types of infections, and family history of neurological disorders, and the doctor also performs some additional checks such as: heel stretch

Blood tests, including checks for diabetes, lack of vitamins, tests for liver and kidney function, other metabolic disorders, and signs of abnormal immune system activity.
Cerebrospinal fluid examination. This examination reveals antibodies associated with peripheral neuropathy.

Electrocardiogram, which is an examination of the electrical activity of the muscles.

Check the speed of nervous conduction.
Other tests, including the following:
Axial tomography.
Magnetic resonance imaging.
Biopsy of the nerve.

Skin biopsy to look at the ends of the nerve fibers.

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Causes of dizziness and nausea before the session


Causes of dizziness and nausea before the session

 Causes of dizziness and nausea before the session

Causes of dizziness for pregnant women in the sixth month

1 Dizziness before the session
2 causes of dizziness before menstruation
3 menstrual symptoms
4 The difference between dizziness before menstruation and pregnancy dizziness
5 Treating women from dizziness caused by menstruation
6 References

 Dizziness before the session

Women are used to expecting certain symptoms before menstruation, and they are used to dealing with them, and these symptoms include headache, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea, and dizziness is also a symptom that affects women, and dizziness is known as a feeling of loss of balance and dizziness is more severe when standing quickly than sitting or lying down  This may lead to a loss of balance


Causes of dizziness before menstruation

It is fairly common for a woman to develop dizziness before the menstrual cycle, and the reason behind this dizziness is due to many potential factors, most of which relate to hormonal changes in women during this period, and there are other conditions that may cause them, including anemia and low blood pressure,  But sometimes dizziness may not be related to the menstrual cycle, and the reasons that lead to dizziness before the menstrual


Causes of dizziness and nausea before the session


cycle include the following

Pre-menstrual syndrome: Pre-menstrual syndrome is defined as a common condition, it begins about 5 days or more before the menstruation, and it is seen that the reason behind this syndrome is a hormonal cause, although there are only a few studies that have linked  Dizziness and this syndrome, but research has shown that dizziness occurs as a result of different estrogen levels in the body.

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder:

This disorder is defined as a more severe case of premenstrual syndrome. His sufferers suffer from daily symptoms that require psychological and physical therapeutic intervention and it is reported that vascular changes that occur before the menstrual cycle may cause dizziness.

Get Fiberglass out of Skin

It is a condition characterized by pain during the menstrual cycle, and one of the studies conducted on more than 250 university students to find common symptoms of dysmenorrhea found that dizziness was the second most common symptom they had, and that 48% of them had it as a result of the menstrual cycle.

Anemia: Iron deficiency anemia occurs in women of childbearing age as a result of the blood loss caused by the menstrual cycle. In this type of anemia, iron deficiency leads to a decrease in the production of red blood cells, which in turn leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood circulation.  The same blood circulation may become dizzy due to iron deficiency anemia.

Low blood pressure: Low blood pressure causes a feeling of dizziness. Many sexual hormones have an effect on blood pressure. While testosterone raises it, we find that estrogen lowers it. It is worth noting that estrogen levels are high in the week leading up to the menstrual cycle, which leads to low blood pressure.  And causing dizziness.

Low blood sugar levels: Estrogen does not only affect blood pressure levels, but also affects sugar levels in it, and it is known that low blood sugar levels lead to dizziness.

How to clean plaque from teeth

Migraine headache: triggers of migraine headaches include hormonal changes, and this headache in turn leads to dizziness, it is worth noting that hormonal changes that occur before the menstrual cycle may cause this headache.

 Menstrual symptoms

There are many symptoms that a woman feels when her period approaches, including the following

Fatigue and fatigue.
Feeling dizzy.
Pain caused by ovulation, for some time this stage affects women in the lower abdomen.
Breast pain.

The difference between dizziness before menstruation and pregnancy dizziness

There is a difference between pregnancy dizziness and dizziness that occu

How do I Maintain my Activity

methods to maintain body activity
Doing exercise
A healthy diet
Lifestyle changes
Ways to maintain body activity

How do I Maintain my Activity
There are many habits that can be followed to increase body activity, including:
Doing exercise

The University of Maryland Medical Center notes that human exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, and cycling strengthens the heart muscle, keeps its heartbeat at a higher rate for a long time, and also helps maintain the blood pressure and cholesterol index, strengthen the spine, and prevent weight gain  Energy level improvement.

Strength and resistance exercises also help build the body’s endurance, by replacing fat with a mass of muscles, which helps to burn calories more, and there are other exercises that help to increase the body’s activity and reduce stress, such as practicing yoga, dancing, and trying to touch fingers  The feet.How do I Maintain my Activity.

Eat a healthy diet

One of the things that helps to increase physical fitness and increase body activity is to follow a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables in abundance, such as spinach, dark leafy vegetables, berries, sweet peppers, melons, bananas, and carrots, this helps to maintain the level of sugar in the blood,  It reduces the body activity to nead to eat helthy food an exsarcise evary morning and evning that a good afects it maintain activity.

Fiberglass from Skin

How do I Maintain my Activity

Lifestyle change

Changing the daily lifestyle is one of the important things to increase the activity of the body. For example, some things can be done during working hours such as replacing the desk chair with a balloon in the form of a large ball that guarantees the continuous movement of legs, or taking a break every two hours to climb stairs, as this helps to stimulate the mind,  And increase his focus, and some simple movements help to burn fat, such as the chump on the legs,
It can go to work or any other place on foot instead of going in the car, and exercise some exercise while watching TV at the time of showing ads, for example; [3]  As it showed many studies and ABA  Also, the individual sitting for a prolonged period of time can cause a risk of breast or colon cancer.

Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles

Get rid of eye wrinkles

get rid of eye wrinkles and dark circles

Completely get rid of eye wrinkles
How to get rid of eye wrinkles in a natural way

 1 rose water
 2 potatoes
 3 lotion skin
 4 eye cream
 5 egg whites
 6 facial yoga
 7 eye wrinkle treatment video
 8 References

 Rose water

Rose water is one of the natural remedies for removing eye wrinkles, as it contains many components such as vitamin A, vitamin C and a number of antioxidants that fight wrinkles, by dipping a cotton ball in rose water and putting it on the eye for 10 minutes.


Potatoes contain many elements, such as vitamins and minerals that help get rid of eye wrinkles and remove dark circles around them, as potatoes are suitable for all skin types and are suitable for use when the eye is red.  For a quarter of an hour, then the area is washed with cold water, and the process is repeated in the morning and evening to obtain the best results.

 Skin lotion

One way to get rid of eye wrinkles is to use a skin wash every day before going to sleep to get rid of dead skin cells, and it must contain topical retinoids that help get rid of the problem of eye wrinkles.

 Eye cream

Specialized creams can be used to reduce wrinkles around the eye area, which are recommended to contain glycolic acid, which may help remove dead skin cells, thereby limiting the appearance of
 eye wrinkles.

 Egg whites

One of the home ways to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes is to use egg whites by applying it directly to the wrinkled area under the eyes, and left on the skin until it dries, then the skin is washed off with water well.

 Facial yoga

Facial exercises contribute to alleviating wrinkles in the eye area, as eye yoga can be practiced by opening the eye and moving the eyeballs side by side while continuing this exercise for five seconds and then liberating them. Eye Wrinkles

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It might make you look older than your age!  Is there a way to treat it?  :

How to treat mouth fungi in children

Treating lip fungi
How to treat mouth fungi in children

1 mouthwash
2 treatment of febrile mouth
3 types of mouthguard
4 causes of feverish mouth
5 video preventive treatment for mouth fever
6 References

Also called aphthous stomatitis, or aphthous ulcers, oral fever is one of the most common cases affecting the mouth and is observed by the dentist, and there is no known reason for the occurrence of mouth fever, which is a painful superficial ulceration of the oral mucosal tissues.

 Oral fever treatment

Oral fever treatment mainly depends on relieving pain resulting from fever and trying to accelerate the healing of ulcers as soon as possible, and it must be known that there is no treatment to prevent the recurrence of these ulcers again, and it may not need oral fever treatment in some cases where the pain is simple  Like cases of small aphthous ulcers, but there are some procedures and measures that can alleviate the suffering of the patient and accelerate the fever heal, and we mention the following:

Avoid spicy foods, acidic drinks or salty foods, because they exacerbate the patient’s pain.

Use straw in drinking to avoid contact with the liquid, while noting that hot drinks are not used in straw so that this does not result in burning throat tissue.
Use a soft toothbrush.
Using a saline solution as a mouth rinse, it can be prepared by dissolving half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, and rinsing the mouth with this solution gives some relief.
If the febrile is a type of medicine, the medicine should be replaced if possible.

There are some products that help relieve symptoms of mouthwash, and can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription, including the following:

Chlorhexidine mouthwash: This wash helps relieve pain, also helps to speed up ulcer healing, and prevents inflammation of the ulcer itself.  This wash is used twice a day with the need to pay attention to the possibility of staining the teeth brown in the event of periodic use, but this problem can be reduced by brushing the teeth before using it and avoiding drinks that contain tannins such as tea, coffee, alcohol, and it is worth noting  That this pigmentation is temporary.
Steroidd tablets: This pill is placed on the ulcers until it dissolves, helps to relieve pain and speed up healing as well, and is more effective when used at the beginning of the onset of fever, and is used at a rate of four times a day, where one tablet is used at a time  The one.
Protective and soothing pastes: These pastes temporarily cover the sore to protect it.
Pain relievers: They are in the form of an oral rinse, gel, or spray. These products help relieve pain, even though the duration of pain relief is rather short.  These medications contain the most important substances, benzydamine, in the form of a spray or oral rinse, and topical drugs such as Lidocaine and Choline salicylate in the form of a gel.
The doctor may suggest that the patient take some pain relieving tablets, steroid medications taken by inhalation, or steroid pills where they are dissolved in water and used as a rinse, and the doctor may resort to giving the patient an antibiotic or steroid pill, [2] and treatment may be removal  Surgically febrile removal, laser ablation, or cauterization of the sore.

 Types of febrile mouth

The clinical signs and symptoms of oral fever are defined depending on the number of times these ulcers return and their appearance in addition to their severity. They are classified according to the number of ulcers and their size into three main types as follows:

Small aphthous ulcers: Aphthous ulcer minor, and this type of ulcers is the most common among the three types, where 80% -85% of cases, and ulcers appear individually, painful and superficial, and have a diameter of less than 11 cm, and are cured within a period of time  It ranges from 7-14 days without leaving a scar after healing, and the return of this type of ulceration depends on the nature of the person, there are many people who spend a long period without experiencing the appearance of ulcers again, and there are others whose appearance does not stop from them.
Large aphthous ulcers: This type appears in the form of a circular or oval ulcer with a diameter of 2-3 cm, and this type constitutes 5-10% of cases, and usually appears as a single ulcer, but the appearance of ulcers  Multiple is a possibility, and these ulcers are deep and have irregular borders, and the recovery period may extend for a period of six weeks to several months, and after healing appear scarring and deformation in the mucous tissues lining the mouth, and this type of aphthous ulcers is most common in AIDS patients.
Herpesiform aphthous ulcer: This type is rare and forms less than 5% of cases, and the diameter of each one is 1-2 mm, and it appears as groups containing between 10-100 ulcers.  These groups appear small, grouped, or scattered and spread on the oral mucosal tissue, and it is necessary to differentiate between this type of mouth and mouth infections and herpes virus, which appears almost the same way.


 Causes of mouthwash

In fact, there is no known cause for the appearance of fever in the mouth. Mouth fever may appear without a reason in people with good health. However, there are some factors that relate to the appearance of mouth fever,
including the following:

Injuries: usually caused by inappropriate dentures, or from the use of a hard or rough toothbrush.
Level of hormones in the body changed: Some women experience oral fever before menstruation or during menopause.
Quit smoking: Some people experience oral ulcers after they quit smoking.
Iron deficiency and some types of vitamins: such as vitamin B12 and folic acid.
Allergy to some types of food: This is a rare cause.
Genetics: Some families experience oral fever as a result of genetic factors.
Stress and anxiety.
Some types of medication: Captoprill, and some types of analgesics, such as NSAIDS.
Celiac disease (kk), which is the body’s sensitivity to gluten.
Sodium lauryl sulfate toothpaste: It may not be from the true causes of oral fever because of its widespread use. (Sodium lauryl sulfate)