How do I Maintain my Activity

methods to maintain body activity
Doing exercise
A healthy diet
Lifestyle changes
Ways to maintain body activity

How do I Maintain my Activity
There are many habits that can be followed to increase body activity, including:
Doing exercise

The University of Maryland Medical Center notes that human exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, and cycling strengthens the heart muscle, keeps its heartbeat at a higher rate for a long time, and also helps maintain the blood pressure and cholesterol index, strengthen the spine, and prevent weight gain  Energy level improvement.

Strength and resistance exercises also help build the body’s endurance, by replacing fat with a mass of muscles, which helps to burn calories more, and there are other exercises that help to increase the body’s activity and reduce stress, such as practicing yoga, dancing, and trying to touch fingers  The feet.How do I Maintain my Activity.

Eat a healthy diet

One of the things that helps to increase physical fitness and increase body activity is to follow a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables in abundance, such as spinach, dark leafy vegetables, berries, sweet peppers, melons, bananas, and carrots, this helps to maintain the level of sugar in the blood,  It reduces the body activity to nead to eat helthy food an exsarcise evary morning and evning that a good afects it maintain activity.

Fiberglass from Skin

How do I Maintain my Activity

Lifestyle change

Changing the daily lifestyle is one of the important things to increase the activity of the body. For example, some things can be done during working hours such as replacing the desk chair with a balloon in the form of a large ball that guarantees the continuous movement of legs, or taking a break every two hours to climb stairs, as this helps to stimulate the mind,  And increase his focus, and some simple movements help to burn fat, such as the chump on the legs,
It can go to work or any other place on foot instead of going in the car, and exercise some exercise while watching TV at the time of showing ads, for example; [3]  As it showed many studies and ABA  Also, the individual sitting for a prolonged period of time can cause a risk of breast or colon cancer.

Get Rid of Eye Wrinkles

Get rid of eye wrinkles

get rid of eye wrinkles and dark circles

Completely get rid of eye wrinkles
How to get rid of eye wrinkles in a natural way

 1 rose water
 2 potatoes
 3 lotion skin
 4 eye cream
 5 egg whites
 6 facial yoga
 7 eye wrinkle treatment video
 8 References

 Rose water

Rose water is one of the natural remedies for removing eye wrinkles, as it contains many components such as vitamin A, vitamin C and a number of antioxidants that fight wrinkles, by dipping a cotton ball in rose water and putting it on the eye for 10 minutes.


Potatoes contain many elements, such as vitamins and minerals that help get rid of eye wrinkles and remove dark circles around them, as potatoes are suitable for all skin types and are suitable for use when the eye is red.  For a quarter of an hour, then the area is washed with cold water, and the process is repeated in the morning and evening to obtain the best results.

 Skin lotion

One way to get rid of eye wrinkles is to use a skin wash every day before going to sleep to get rid of dead skin cells, and it must contain topical retinoids that help get rid of the problem of eye wrinkles.

 Eye cream

Specialized creams can be used to reduce wrinkles around the eye area, which are recommended to contain glycolic acid, which may help remove dead skin cells, thereby limiting the appearance of
 eye wrinkles.

 Egg whites

One of the home ways to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes is to use egg whites by applying it directly to the wrinkled area under the eyes, and left on the skin until it dries, then the skin is washed off with water well.

 Facial yoga

Facial exercises contribute to alleviating wrinkles in the eye area, as eye yoga can be practiced by opening the eye and moving the eyeballs side by side while continuing this exercise for five seconds and then liberating them. Eye Wrinkles

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It might make you look older than your age!  Is there a way to treat it?  :

How to treat mouth fungi in children

Treating lip fungi
How to treat mouth fungi in children

1 mouthwash
2 treatment of febrile mouth
3 types of mouthguard
4 causes of feverish mouth
5 video preventive treatment for mouth fever
6 References

Also called aphthous stomatitis, or aphthous ulcers, oral fever is one of the most common cases affecting the mouth and is observed by the dentist, and there is no known reason for the occurrence of mouth fever, which is a painful superficial ulceration of the oral mucosal tissues.

 Oral fever treatment

Oral fever treatment mainly depends on relieving pain resulting from fever and trying to accelerate the healing of ulcers as soon as possible, and it must be known that there is no treatment to prevent the recurrence of these ulcers again, and it may not need oral fever treatment in some cases where the pain is simple  Like cases of small aphthous ulcers, but there are some procedures and measures that can alleviate the suffering of the patient and accelerate the fever heal, and we mention the following:

Avoid spicy foods, acidic drinks or salty foods, because they exacerbate the patient’s pain.

Use straw in drinking to avoid contact with the liquid, while noting that hot drinks are not used in straw so that this does not result in burning throat tissue.
Use a soft toothbrush.
Using a saline solution as a mouth rinse, it can be prepared by dissolving half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, and rinsing the mouth with this solution gives some relief.
If the febrile is a type of medicine, the medicine should be replaced if possible.

There are some products that help relieve symptoms of mouthwash, and can be purchased at the pharmacy without a prescription, including the following:

Chlorhexidine mouthwash: This wash helps relieve pain, also helps to speed up ulcer healing, and prevents inflammation of the ulcer itself.  This wash is used twice a day with the need to pay attention to the possibility of staining the teeth brown in the event of periodic use, but this problem can be reduced by brushing the teeth before using it and avoiding drinks that contain tannins such as tea, coffee, alcohol, and it is worth noting  That this pigmentation is temporary.
Steroidd tablets: This pill is placed on the ulcers until it dissolves, helps to relieve pain and speed up healing as well, and is more effective when used at the beginning of the onset of fever, and is used at a rate of four times a day, where one tablet is used at a time  The one.
Protective and soothing pastes: These pastes temporarily cover the sore to protect it.
Pain relievers: They are in the form of an oral rinse, gel, or spray. These products help relieve pain, even though the duration of pain relief is rather short.  These medications contain the most important substances, benzydamine, in the form of a spray or oral rinse, and topical drugs such as Lidocaine and Choline salicylate in the form of a gel.
The doctor may suggest that the patient take some pain relieving tablets, steroid medications taken by inhalation, or steroid pills where they are dissolved in water and used as a rinse, and the doctor may resort to giving the patient an antibiotic or steroid pill, [2] and treatment may be removal  Surgically febrile removal, laser ablation, or cauterization of the sore.

 Types of febrile mouth

The clinical signs and symptoms of oral fever are defined depending on the number of times these ulcers return and their appearance in addition to their severity. They are classified according to the number of ulcers and their size into three main types as follows:

Small aphthous ulcers: Aphthous ulcer minor, and this type of ulcers is the most common among the three types, where 80% -85% of cases, and ulcers appear individually, painful and superficial, and have a diameter of less than 11 cm, and are cured within a period of time  It ranges from 7-14 days without leaving a scar after healing, and the return of this type of ulceration depends on the nature of the person, there are many people who spend a long period without experiencing the appearance of ulcers again, and there are others whose appearance does not stop from them.
Large aphthous ulcers: This type appears in the form of a circular or oval ulcer with a diameter of 2-3 cm, and this type constitutes 5-10% of cases, and usually appears as a single ulcer, but the appearance of ulcers  Multiple is a possibility, and these ulcers are deep and have irregular borders, and the recovery period may extend for a period of six weeks to several months, and after healing appear scarring and deformation in the mucous tissues lining the mouth, and this type of aphthous ulcers is most common in AIDS patients.
Herpesiform aphthous ulcer: This type is rare and forms less than 5% of cases, and the diameter of each one is 1-2 mm, and it appears as groups containing between 10-100 ulcers.  These groups appear small, grouped, or scattered and spread on the oral mucosal tissue, and it is necessary to differentiate between this type of mouth and mouth infections and herpes virus, which appears almost the same way.


 Causes of mouthwash

In fact, there is no known cause for the appearance of fever in the mouth. Mouth fever may appear without a reason in people with good health. However, there are some factors that relate to the appearance of mouth fever,
including the following:

Injuries: usually caused by inappropriate dentures, or from the use of a hard or rough toothbrush.
Level of hormones in the body changed: Some women experience oral fever before menstruation or during menopause.
Quit smoking: Some people experience oral ulcers after they quit smoking.
Iron deficiency and some types of vitamins: such as vitamin B12 and folic acid.
Allergy to some types of food: This is a rare cause.
Genetics: Some families experience oral fever as a result of genetic factors.
Stress and anxiety.
Some types of medication: Captoprill, and some types of analgesics, such as NSAIDS.
Celiac disease (kk), which is the body’s sensitivity to gluten.
Sodium lauryl sulfate toothpaste: It may not be from the true causes of oral fever because of its widespread use. (Sodium lauryl sulfate)

Home remedies for smelly feet

Home remedies for smelly feet

Malignant foot disease is called bromodosis in medical language.  This condition can cause embarrassment and discomfort for others. Dead cells, sweat and other stimulants can cause odor in the feet, but the good news is that getting rid of foot odor can be done by following a few simple things.  Can  The first simple and homemade prescriptions are described for this.

 1: Cleaning of dead cells from the feet

Volcanoes or foams are commonly found in the market.  Such granular stones are called pomice in English.  Scrub the soles and heels of the foot with a stone to get rid of the dead cells that cause the stench.  It is believed that dead cells are the main cause of stenosis in the feet.

 2: Use of upsized salt

Soaking the feet in salt water can also relieve their smell.  A special Upsom salt is used for this.  Buy it from the market, pour half hot water in a large pot and mix half cups of salt and mix well.  Now soak the feet in water for 10 to 20 minutes and afterwards thoroughly clean and dry the feet.  It will be useful.


 3: Vinegar mixed water

Put a few tablespoons of vinegar in warm water and soak the feet for 15 to 20 minutes.  However, in case of a wound, cut or blister in the foot, vinegar should never be used or it may cause irritation and discomfort.  The use of vinegar can also relieve the odor of the feet.

 4: Foot spraying

There are also foot odor removal sprays that can be used to remove the smell of them on the feet.  But it is better to choose the spray only on the advice of the doctor.

 5: Anti-bacterial soap

Washing the feet daily with a good antibiotic soap is also very detrimental.  If you rub the soap well between the thumb and toes, it can eliminate bacteria.

 6: Take care of shoes and socks

You can also buy socks that reduce foot odor by absorbing sweat.  But the better is to change socks soon so that the germs causing the smell do not bloom anymore.  Keep the shoes clean and dry on the inside as moisture accumulates in the shoe.

Brain Tumor

Different ways to prevent stroke

 Paralysis is a very dangerous disease that not only paralyzes any part of the body but can also cause death.  Paralysis occurs when a blood vessel is obstructed.  If the brain stops bleeding or becomes obstructed, the cells of the brain begin to die, which can lead to stroke and death.
 Stroke can occur not just in old age but in any age person.  Increased blood pressure increases the risk of the disease.  The sooner the cure for paralysis, the less likely it is to have its losses.
 Symptoms of stroke include severe headaches, dizziness, changes in vision or blurring, difficulty speaking, numbness in the body, and sudden jolting or neck pain while on the go.
 Some changes in your lifestyle can reduce the risk of stroke.



 Balanced diet

 A balanced diet lowers cholesterol levels in the body, including fruits, vegetables, fish, fat-free meat and commodities.  Which makes the arteries less likely to accumulate.  Due to which not only stroke but also diabetes and high blood pressure can be avoided.
 The use of apples
 According to research, using an apple daily where it protects you from various diseases also reduces the risk of stroke by 50%.  Apples are rich in fiber and anti-inflammatory antioxidants.
 The use of tomatoes
 Using tomatoes also protects you from paralysis.  According to the research, an antioxidant called lycosepan is found in tomatoes which reduces the risk of stroke by 55%.

 The use of salt

 Experts have advised to use half a teaspoon of salt daily, but using more than that amount can be harmful because high blood pressure causes blood to rise, leading to paralysis.
 So minimize salt consumption in your diet to prevent high blood pressure and stroke.
 Exercise is also the best way to stay safe and healthy from stroke.  Medical experts say that strenuous exercise or walking about 2km daily reduces the risk of silent stroke.
 Increase and decrease in cholesterol is extremely harmful to the human body, which increases the chances of material accumulation in the arteries, which in turn causes blood clotting which can lead to paralysis.


 Experts say the use of chocolate also removes the risk of stroke because chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which helps prevent blood vessels from developing and become blood clotted.
 Mental pressure
 The risk of stroke is highest in people suffering from depression or depression, and as a result the risk of death is up to 55%.  According to experts, depression suffers from smoking and ignore their diet and physical activity, which increases the risk of stroke.

How to Get Rid of White Hair?

How to Get Rid of White Hair?

 White hair is one of the biggest problems nowadays, it is a problem that is not only complained of by the elderly but also by young boys and girls.  The use of chemical products made by hair removes the white of the hair, but after a while the same white hair comes back on.
 There are some simple home remedies to get rid of white hair, after which use white hair can be permanently removed.
 According to media reports, experts say that beautiful, planets are a sign of shiny hair, and when the hair starts to turn white, it is a matter of concern.  Four Easy and Domestic Prescriptions for White Hair Forever:

 Potato peels

 Potatoes are a vegetable that is used almost every day in every household kitchen.  While potato has many benefits, its skin is also used in many homemade recipes.
 One of the benefits of potato peels is that they work as a natural color to maintain hair color.  Its use does not immediately darken the hair, but it gradually darkens the hair from white to white and may take several months.


 After peeling the potatoes, assemble all the peels in a place, then put them in 2 cups of water and cook them well, turn off the stove after cooking for about 10 minutes and leave it to cool.  After cooling, apply it in the hair and let it sit for 30 minutes.  Then wash your head with plain water.


 Ghee is not only used for making gloves, hawks and other fun things, but one function of ghee is to maintain hair color.


 Apply well in hair made from cow’s milk, as is oiled.  Leave the hair in the hair for an hour and then wash your head. Repeating this recipe twice a week will permanently remove your white hair.
 An excellent and successful dyeing agent for getting rid of white hair, regular use not only maintains the hair color but also makes the hair healthy and shiny.


 Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of coffee powder per hair length (take care that the coffee being taken has no taste and dark color) mix it in 100 to 150 milligrams of water.  ۔  Then place it to boil and cook until the mixture thickens.
 After closing the stove, put it to cool, apply it to the head after cooling and wash the head after 45 minutes.


 Vitamin C rich in acidity is best for the hair, it not only darkens the hair but also makes the hair grow faster and make the hair shiny and dense.
 After adding Amla powder to coconut oil, put it to cook, when it is cooked well, let it cool and then let it soak in the hair for 30 to 40 minutes.  Then wash your head with plain water.  Remember not to use soap or shampoo at all.

 The second way:

 Add two tablespoons water and one tablespoon of lemon juice to four tablespoons of tamarind powder and mix it well and make a paste and leave it for about an hour.  Then apply this paste in the hair for 20 to 25 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Why nails are trapped in meat?

Why nails are trapped in meat?

 Many times, nails in the hands or feet begin to grow in the flesh within the skin.

 This is usually more common in the toe nails, but it is also more likely in those with nails that are thick or elongated.
 But everyone can suffer from not having to worry about cleaning ankle, poorly fitted shoes or nails, while for those who suffer from diabetes, arteries, or hearing loss, this seemingly trivial problem can also be a problem.  This can be quite serious, as it can result in infection or risk of organ loss.
 Even if a nail is not properly cut or bumped into place, it still begins to sting in the flesh, which can result in infection with discomfort and the cure will not take place until the nails are cut.  To be taken
 So the most important thing to do to avoid this problem is to make it a habit to cut the nails straight.
 Loss of income is detrimental to your mental health

 What are the causes?

 As noted above, the most common reason for this is not to cut the nails properly, while too much or rounded edges of the nails or poorly fitting shoes, etc., can push the nails into the flesh.
 Stumbling or pressing something may also cause this problem, and if the nail is consistently stuck in the flesh, there will be permanent changes in the tissue above it, leading to infection, further pain and swelling.


 Symptoms are usually the pain, swelling and redness around the affected nails, the sharp nail of the nail begins to creep into the flesh at one or both ends.

 When to consult a doctor?

 If the affected nails are prone to infection, such as severe pain and pus flows, the pain does not go away even if the nails are too tight or the nails are too tight or thick, which does not improve the condition, especially for diabetics.  Should consult a doctor immediately, otherwise there is a risk of developing complications from foot infection.


 Often, the problem of nail trapping in meat is prevented by proper nail care and the use of well-fitted shoes.  Avoid cutting the corners of the nails until you see them properly, otherwise the problem may be worse, consult a doctor in such a case so that he can advise on the use of medication according to the condition, most cases  I also recommend that the doctor remove the affected nails, partially or completely, with the help of a doctor.
 In addition, if the problem is not too serious, there are some simple things to do at home such as dip the feet in salt water for 15 minutes, repeat this process 3 to 4 times a day.
 Cover with an ointment on the affected area and cover with a clean bandage.
 Another way is to gently lift the edges of the affected nails and place a small piece of cotton inside it, which increases the chances of the nails being separated from the skin.

Is drinking water harmful for health?

Is drinking water harmful for health?


 You may have often heard that you should not drink water after meals or in the middle because it affects digestion.

 Or, as a result, the body does not properly absorb the nutrients in the diet or the stomach becomes inflamed.
 Similarly, some say that as a result, toxic substances begin to accumulate, leading to many medical problems, and naturally you may be wondering if drinking a glass of water with food can have really negative effects.  Or just a misconception.
 Learn about the scientific evidence that drinking water during eating can have an impact on digestion and health.
 What should children give in the lunch box?  (Last part)

 What is the basis of healthy digestion?

 Understanding or understanding why water is thought to affect digestion can be helpful in understanding digestive systems.
 The digestion process begins with the first dose of saline, chewing gum salivary gland signals saliva combustion, which contains enzymes that help break down the food.

 This diet is found in gastric acid in the gastrointestinal tract, where it has more fragments and becomes a thicker fluid.  In the small intestine, the fluid is found in the digestive enzyme, which contains pancreas and bile acid, which further breaks down the fluid and begins to absorb blood in every nutrient.

 In the small intestine most of the nutrients are absorbed during the trip to the fluid, leaving only one protein absorbed.
 These nutrients in the blood travel to different parts of the body, and the entire process of digestion (depending on what you eat) is completed within 24 to 72 hours.
 So water during digestion causes digestive problems?

 Drinking the right amount of water can have many benefits, but some people claim that using drinks during meals is not a good idea, but the following are common claims.

 The first claim

 Some people emphasize that acidic beverages cause dry mouth, which in turn makes it more difficult for the body to digest food, but there is no scientific evidence that the use of these drinks has a negative effect on digestion.

 The second claim

 Many also claim that drinking water with food resolves in the gastric acid and nutrient enzymes and makes it difficult for the body to digest food, but this is not true either.

 Third claim

 Another popular debate is that consumption of alcohol with food speeds up the digestion process, it is believed that it reduces the association between gastric acid and digestive enzymes, leading to digestion.  Is affected, but there is no scientific research or evidence to support this claim.

 Water can improve digestion

 Drinking water or fluids can help break down large portions of a diet, and it can also help in the gastrointestinal tract.  In addition, it helps in smooth passage of diet, which helps prevent stomach upset and constipation.  In addition, the stomach supplies water with acid and nutrient enzymes during digestion, in fact water is needed for proper functioning of these enzymes.

 Save on food cravings and high calories

 Drinking water during meals helps to hold the nasal passages while chewing, which means having a moment to check for hunger and stomach signals, and preventing excessive eating.  It also helps reduce body weight.

 One study found that people who consumed 500 ml of water for 12 weeks before eating each time lost 2 kg during this period, research also indicates that drinking water.  Increases metabolism speed and helps burn more calories.

 Interestingly, the calorie burn rate decreased when water increased the body temperature, possibly because the body spends more energy to warm the cold water, however the effects on water metabolism are much greater.  Not prominent and not visible in everyone and it is also on water, not on other caloric beverages.

 Who can be harmed?

 Most people do not experience any adverse effects of drinking water with food, but if you suffer from chest irritation, it is possible to have adverse effects from water with food, as water or alcoholic stomach.  I increase the amount, which increases the gastrointestinal pressure, which can cause irritation in the chest.

 The final result

 Do not use it if you are experiencing stomach upset or heartburn due to the use of water or beverages along with food, otherwise there is no evidence to prevent drinking water with food.
 In fact, using water or beverages before or in the middle of the meal facilitates the digestive process, helps with hydration while feeling full, just remember that water is the healthiest choice in drinks.

Put garlic under the pillows and enjoy a relaxing sleep

Put garlic under the pillows and enjoy a relaxing sleep


 Garlic is used all over the world to make delicious food and is also used in treating a number of diseases.
 Garlic is considered one of the blessings of nature that not only enriches our food but also protects us from various diseases.
 One hundred grams of garlic contains 100 calories and it is so fast that it is not possible to eat that much at a time.  It also contains substantial amounts of carbohydrates, protein, vitamin B, magnesium and potassium.
 It is also commonly used in the preparation of medicines other than food, but did you know that garlic is also auxiliary for optimal sleep.
 Garlic under pillows

 Garlic can also be used to treat insomnia (lack of sleep).  Its aroma cleanses the respiratory tract, which helps with sleepiness.  Its use also drastically reduces the risk of other illnesses.
 Like bananas, garlic also contains high amounts of magnesium and potassium, which are essential for calm sleep.  Its aroma affects the mind and calms it down from anxiety.
 If the garlic under the pillows does not make any difference in insomnia, taste a little before bedtime.
 Magnesium reduces the brain’s ability to function, which relieves mental fatigue.  Potassium is also a useful diet for calm sleep and both of these ingredients are found in garlic.
 So if you too are having sleep disorders, or want to make your usual sleep more comfortable, put a piece of garlic under the pillow with a peel.
 Also, if your diet uses magnesium and potassium properly, you will not need to use garlic before bedtime.
 The real thing

What to do if food gets stuck in the throat?

What to do if food gets stuck in the throat?

 Few people understand what to do if something gets stuck in one’s throat while eating something.

 But what to do when suddenly there is an outbreak and there is no one around to help?
 Usually, it is trapped in the esophagus or part of the diet and if the airway clears, it does not affect the breath but can cough, can also experience severe pain and dizziness in the chest.
 This problem is most common in children and people over the age of 74, during which they are unable to speak, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, coughing, first turning red, then turning yellow or blue.  Symptoms such as coughing may appear.
 It is also life-threatening and you should seek medical attention immediately if such symptoms appear, however, you can help yourself or your loved ones to some extent at home.

 Research reports suggest that drinking a coke or any carbonated beverage can help drain the esophageal tract when the nasal tract is stuck.  Although doctors often use this common technique, it is unclear how this works, but doctors believe that carbon dioxide in soda helps in this regard, it is also believed that soda  Going into the stomach increases the amount of gas emitted, removing the trapped food from its place.  If you are suspected of trapping a swab, try some cans of soda immediately.
 Medications that are used to treat gas discomfort can also be helpful in removing nutrients that are trapped in the esophagus, just as soda does this, i.e., gastrointestinal gas and  Pressure can help remove the swelling.

 Drinking water can also be helpful if the stool is stuck, usually saliva provides moisture that helps the food pass through the esophagus easily, drinking water increases the amount of saliva combustion.  I can increase the humidity and ease the passage.

 Another sign

 By the way, the idea of ​​swallowing something else may seem painful, but sometimes one piece may need another to shake it, so a piece of bread or bread soaked in water or milk, soften and then skins.  ۔  Another effective way can be a banana slice, which is naturally a soft diet.

 Baking Soda

 Mix and drink baking soda in water, it can also help to remove the trapped soda.


 Sometimes the esophagus needs more libation, so eating one tablespoon of butter can be helpful.  This helps increase moisture in the lining of the esophagus and makes it easier for the stranded food to reach the stomach.

 Please wait

 The nutrients trapped in the throat often reach the gastrointestinal tract, take some time and give the body a chance to do its job.
 Seek help from a doctor

 If unable to swallow saliva and feel discomfort, consult your doctor as soon as possible.  If the nausea is still uncomfortable but still stuck, consult your doctor 24 hours before it can suggest any effective treatment or procedure.  Some doctors even recommend to seek medical attention after 6 to 12 hours and resolve the patient with endoscopy.